The first ever iPod was released on the 23 October, 2001 with a capacity of 5GB that Steve Jobs said 鈥減uts 1000 songs in your pocket.鈥 Since then, iPod has gone through different iterations: interface, hardware and hard drive capacity. A while after the first release, the first model had a 10 GB upgrade. From generation to generation of the iPod, mini, touch, nano, shuffle and classic, the capacity has always ranged between 4 GB and 160 GB. Although, the iPod Classic with 160 GB variant has been discontinued and replaced with the 128 GB iPod Touch.

various ipod

A constant to all of the iPod Touch capacity is that they are fixed, and this poses its own problems to the iPod Touch users. You always wish you can add more capacity to your iPod Touch. But, maybe the solution is farfetched anyways. However, these are still some common methods to optimize your iPod Touch capacity.

4 Efficient Methods to Optimize iPod Touch Capacity

1Delete and Reinstall Apps

While most apps rarely cross the 100MB mark as their installation file, they still take more storage space than this. Over time, you save games and the apps save temporary and junk files, which increase the apps鈥 occupation among your iPod Touch capacity. You can know which apps are doing so by:

Settings >General > Storage and iCloud Storage > Manage Storage

From here, you can check capacity occupied by apps and delete them. Then reinstall the apps which are important.

manage storage

2Clear Safari Cookies, Data & History

Cookies, data and history help users enjoy their web surfing better. However, with time, these files pile up and create a nuisance as well. Thus, cleaning cookies and history contributes to optimizing your iPod Touch capacity. You can clear the Safari cache and cookie data by doing the following:

  1. Go to Settings and tap on Safari browser.
  2. Select Clear History and Website Data and hit Clear History and Data.

delete safari history

Confirm that iOS should clear the cache, cookie and history of your web sessions from Safari.


You will lose all data like login details, passwords and history of visited sites after you clear history and data from Safari.

3Delete Voice Memos

Voice memos are also part of the things that create extra data on your iPod Touch. Removing these voice memos will also help you get largest capacity of iPod Touch. iPod Touch users record voice memos and rarely go back to delete them once they are no longer needed. You can delete voice memos by following these steps:

Open 鈥淰oice Memos鈥 app > choose the memo you want to delete > click on the 鈥淒elete鈥 button.

Do this process for each voice memo you want to delete. When you delete all the memos you don鈥檛 want any more, restart your iPod Touch.

voice memo app voice memo record delete voice memo

4Optimize iPod Touch Capacity with iMyFone Umate

I can imagine all the above tips you have read till this point. All of them are saying the same thing. You are tired of going over them, simply because you will have to do it manually. How about if there鈥檚 a means to automate the process of optimizing your iPod Touch capacity? Yes, there is a way to do that. It is with the help of iMyFone Umate cleaner Windows /iMyFone Umate cleaner Mac

ios space saver

iMyFone Umate iPod Touch Cleaner

  • Thoroughly clean even as much as 30+ junk files and temporary files.
  • Compress photos without a loss of quality but save 75% photo space.
  • Back up first and delete photos from your iPod Touch.
  • Back up and remove large files, including videos over 5MB.
  • Only one click to mass manage unwanted Apps.

download-win download-mac

Steps to Optimize iPod Touch Capacity with iMyFone Umate

Step 1: Install iMyFone Umate in your PC or laptop, once installed, connect your iPod Touch to your PC or laptop.

clear up caches

Step 2: Now, open the software and click on the Scan button to scan the storage of your iPod Touch. When the scan finishes, it shows details about how much storage you can release.

scan detailed capacity

Step 3: Based on the information, now you can clean junk files, temporary files, large files, photos and unused apps with a single click to optimize your iPod Touch capacity.

remove unwanted data