HD Photos Occupy Much Space on iPod? Simple Ways to Reduce Photo Size

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These days, we capture or download so many photos that it is almost an issue with everyone how to manage those photos. While we know that most of the photos that we are carrying in our iPhone, iPod, iPad, etc. are not actually required and are just lying there consuming storage space. Especially, iPod photo size can become quite an issue. This will also result in lack of storage space availability when an important photo is to be stored.

Part 1 Why We Need to Reduce Photo Size on iPod

It is important to understand that photos of different, particularly enhanced size will also consume more space. Thus it makes

iPod photo size reduction very important and essential.

Compressing photos on an iPod to reduce photo size toward the required size level will have many advantages.

  • It will be easier and faster to upload or run the photos.
  • It will definitely save disk space. As far as digital image files are concerned, it is not always true that a bigger or heavier file is always the desired one.

Part 2 Reduce iPod Photo Size on the Device

There is a way to reduce photo size on iPod without any third party app. However, we need to do it through the in-built email application. Follow the steps below to figure it out.

  1. Launch Photo app on your iPod. Select the photos which you want to reduce the size and tap the Action button which is the square with the arrow point upward. Then choose Mail.
  2. Then it will turn to the Mail application, go ahead and fill in “To” with your email address and “Subject”. If you wish, you can add a message.
  3. Hit Send button at the top right corner. Then it will ask you to choose the photo size, Small, Medium, Large and Actual Size.
  4. Tap one to shrink the photo down to size and the compressed photos will be sent to your email.

reduce photo size 1 reduce photo size 2 reduce photo size 2

Part 3 One-Click Solution to Reduce iPod Touch Photo Size

However, reducing photo sizes through email can be a really cumbersome process for most iPod Touch users. Luckily, to make reducing photo size easily, iMyfone Umate cleaner /iMyfone Umate Cleaner for Mac has an amazing option for iPod Touch users to 1-click compress massive photos without lossing any visible quality but will save you 75% photo space.

It is not a third party app on iOS device but running on a computer to clean the storage of iOS device, and iPod Touch inclusive. Apart from compressing photos losslessly, it also helps you free up more storage space by cleaning hidden junk files, clearing temporary files, mass deleting photos with backing them up first, removing massive large files according to different file sizes and managing unwanted apps.

Windows version Mac version

3 Steps to Mass Reduce iPod Touch Photo Size

Step 1: With iMyfone Umate cleaner installing on your computer, link your iPod Touch to it.

connect iphod touch to pc

Step 2: Hit Quick Scan and it will start scanning. When it finishes, it will show you how much space can be freed up.

click quick scan

Step 3: Click Clean of Photo and tap on Backup & Compress. Then it backs up the photos to your computer first and then compress them.

Backup & Compress

Part 4 Mass Delete Photos on iPod

Some users may prefer to delete photos from iPod directly than to reduce iPod photo size if they don’t need them any more. Actually, deleting photos may be a more straightforward process than reducing photo iPod size.

1 Manually Delete iPod Photos on the Device

1. Launch Photo app on your iPod.

2. Hit Photo at the bottom left corner and the photos will be displayed by Year > Collections > Moments.

3. Go to Moments and hit Select button.

4. Select photos you want to delete and click the Trash icon at the bottom right corner.

delete photos

2 Delete Massive Photos on iPod Touch with One Click

With iMyfone Umate cleaner, deleting massive photos will be much easier. Apart from mass deleting photos on the iPod Touch, the “Backup & Delete” option on it will also help to back up the photos on your computer first. The steps of “Backup & Delete” are similar to “Backup & Compress”.

Step 1 and Step 2 are the same as to back up and compress photos.

Step 3: Click on Clean of Photos and hit “Backup & Delete”. The photo previews will be ranged according to the date, and select unwanted photos or check Select All and Hit Start.

Backup & Delete

select photos

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