Apple introduces a huge number of changes to the iOS 13 operating system, ranging from a redesigned Storage Mangement Tab experience to a host of new features specific to the iPad.

In the past, iPhone users were used to the "Storage and iCloud Usage" tab, but it is now "Storage Management." The feature includes a quick view of the storage space available on your iDevice along with recommendations for improving storage space such as auto deleting old messages, deleting large messages attachments, and storing messages directly in iCloud. The storage management tab also enables you to sync Messages across all your iOS devices.

As you can see, there are many things you can do with the storage management tab. But, it is necessary to know how many storage capacity iOS 13 has. To some users of previous iOS 12, it is easy to assume that the iOS 13 will have large storage capacity. Is that what you believe? An answer to this may surprise you. How so?

On paper, there is not much difference between iOS 12 and iOS 13 from a storage perspective. You have 16 GB storage space and can only use 70% of that. Pre-installed apps and other features take up the rest. However, the iOS 13 is far better because, for the first time, Apple allows users to see what app is taking up space on their device.

Also, the features on iOS 13 enable users not only to identify apps eating up storage space but users can delete the data easily across all devices. Thus, much space can be freed up quickly to accommodate incoming data.

ios 11 storage

Why Many Users Believe iPhone is Getting Slower

You have heard about the coming iPhone 8 in September, and you are probably waiting eagerly for the launch date. If you have been experiencing sluggish performance on your iPhone, it might not be unconnected with the coming iPhone 8. Surprised? Well, it is believed that Apple is deliberately slowing down iPhone user experience in order to force users to upgrade to iPhone 8.

However, there is no evidence to back this up. Apple has not admitted or denied such claim either. But, let us look at other possible reasons your iPhone is getting slower.

  1. Junk Files: Junk files caches, crash log, and others can significantly reduce the performance speed of your iPhone. These junk files are deposited daily on your iDevice without you even knowing.
  2. Temporary Files: Your iPhone can also accumulate a huge amount of temporary files from daily use.
  3. Low Storage Space: If your iPhone has low storage space, it is possible this reduces its speed. Low storage space is the bane of most iPhone, and this often affects its performance.

So, what can you do to address this issue of slow performance? We have got the solution! Welcome, iMyfone Umate Pro!

Free Way to Clear Junks from iOS 13

iMyFone Umate Pro is a third-party software and an excellent data eraser and privacy protector. If you want to know a free way to clear off junks and temporary files from your iPhone, start with Umate Pro. It helps clear junks and deletes unwanted data permanently. It is an iPhone reliable companion!

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How to use Umate Pro

Step 1. Download and install the software to your PC
Step 2. Connect your iPhone to the PC via a cable.
Step 3. Click on the "Quick Scan" button and the software will scan your device, then preview.
scan ios 11 data
Step 4. Click on the "Clean" button of Junk Files, then all your iOS 13 junk files will be cleanned up.
clean ios 11 junks

That is it. Once you complete the above, a lot of storage space will be created. You can keep using your device to do all you have wanted. Above all, Umate Pro will speed up your iPhone performance threefold. Is that not what you want?

No doubt, you stand to benefit from using Umate Pro. The software can solve most iOS issues 鈥 slow performance, lack of adequate storage space, privacy leak, and more. So, whatever iPhone issue you are facing, Umate Pro can help.

Key features of Umate Pro

  • Delete 100%: Umate Pro will delete any file from your iPhone 100% without a chance of recovering it through recovery tool.
  • Erase Deleted Messages: Deleted messages still on your iPhone can be permanently deleted using Umate Pro.
  • Erase Different iOS Files: All iOS files like photos, videos, messages etc. can be deleted using Umate Pro.
  • Delete Third-Party Apps: Whatsapp, WeChat, SnapChat, etc. can be erased easily with Umate Pro too. This saves so much storage space.