iOS 10 Cache Cleaner: Clear iOS 10 Cache and Make It Run Faster

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iOS caches are designed to allow computing systems access data and information readily; especially data and information accessed often. Caches are sort of “invisible” and “inaccessible” for security and system’s integrity purposes. As you continue to use your iOS 10 devices – install and play games, browse the internet, the cache begins to take up more storage space. This can impact on performance, and cause jerky games and application while in use. Cache memory is very essential, but should be managed regularly to ensure the benefits are not turned to a negative.

Why You Need iOS 10 Cache Cleaner

iOS cache unattended to can manifest in a number of ways namely:

Slow performance: the cache that remains unclear can impact on the performance of iOS 10 devices. Cache, as mentioned earlier ought to aid faster data retrieval, but a low memory on your iOS device can be harmful to performance.
Apps will not open: Some applications can refuse to open until you clear your cache.

The above lists highlight the need to regularly clean the cache of IOS 10 devices. This has been made easier by iOS cache cleaners that perform cache cleaning at the click of a button.

Part 2: 2 Ways to Clean the iOS 10 Cache

You can either clean the cache of your iOS devices manually, or by using an iOS 10 cache cleaner that automatically assesses, and clears based on your selection. Here are options available to you:

1 Clean Safari cache

To perform a manual clearance of your Safari cache, here are the steps you can take:

  1. Click on the “Settings” app on your iOS 10 device
  2. Navigate to “Safari”
  3. Scroll down, find the “Clear History and Website Data” option and click on it
  4. Accept the prompt that says “Clear History and Data”

And with it, means data such as “History”, “Cookies”, and “other browsing data” has been removed from memory.

ios cache

2 Clean iOS 10 device Apps Cache

You can clear the app data of some applications from settings. Follow the steps below to clear app caches:

  1. Tap on the “Settings” app on your iOS device
  2. Navigate to “Storage and iCloud Usage”
  3. Wait for a second or two, and tap on “Manage Storage”
  4. Wait for 3 to 5 seconds for the apps to load, and select any of the apps on the list
  5. Next tap “Edit” at the top most corner on the right and tap “Delete All”

That clears all the data associated with the app. You can repeat the above steps for other apps present on this list.

clear app cache

Part 3: 3 Automatic iOS 10 Cache Cleaners Recommended

Going the manual route can only uncover a little data to clean, and can be tedious especially if you have a lot of data to clean. Furthermore, with the way caches are designed, data can be hidden in depths only applications can find. To help you with applications you can use to clean your cache, this are the top recommended apps:

1. iMyFone Umate iOS Cleaner

ios space saver

One Click iOS Cleaner

iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac is specially researched and developed to free up iOS space. By securely removing junk & temporary files, compressing photo, deleting in bulk photos / large files / apps, you can easily get back enough storage space for your iOS 10 devices without deleting your photos or videos manually! (Cleaning iOS cache on iMyFone is for free trial.)

Windows version Mac version

Using the iMyFone Umate to clear iOS caches is very easy and straightforward as listed below:

Step 1. Download and install iMyFone Umate cleaner to your PC and Launch the application.

Step 2. Plug in your iOS 10 device to your computer (ensure iTunes is installed), the details of your device are given on the home screen, click “Quick Scan” to get the analysis of the storage space of your device.

Step 3. Switch to different tabs to see the options: junk files, temporary files, photos, large files, Apps. Then Click “Clean”, and within minutes, your iOS device is as clean as the options you have selected.

clear ios app cache

2. Battery Doctor

The first thing you will have to do is to download the app for free from the app store.

Step 1. From the homepage of the app, there’s a tab for “Junk” files.

Step 2. Just above the bottom tabs, there is a button labeled “Clean up cache”

Step 3. Tap on that button and Battery Doctor will automatically clear app cache of your phone and provide details of what was cleaned, and how much space you have regained.

Battery Doctor

3. Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro

This iOS 10 device cleaner has a host of cool tricks as well. Available in both MAC and Windows system, this helps in the removal of large files, and other redundant and temporary file that are hurting speed and performance.


• Transfers videos and files without usage of iTunes.

• Blocks advertisements and repair internal issues.


Now you know about iOS 10 cache, and how to clean it using different options; go ahead and slay the beast that can impact the performance of your iOS device.

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