iPad Memory Upgrade: Beyond Chopping and Changing

Have you been going “eenie minie miny moe” when your iPad says “There is not enough available space…”? It is almost like the scene of children about to play the game “Tag”, when you are deciding which app, video, or music to delete just to accommodate the new app, video or music. Sadly, with the fixed space that comes with the iPad, this scene recurs as there’s always a constant need to add new apps, video, photos and games to your device. However, rather than chopping and changing the content of your iPad every now and then, there are other options to upgrade iPad memory.

4 Options to Upgrade iPad Memory

No matter you run the default apps or third party apps, they will produce cache on your iPad. They will stay on your iPad if you never clear them. Here’s how you can go about this:

Option 1: External storage device for iPad

There are easy-to-use, inexpensive accessories and external storage products you can use for your iPad, to add memory to iPad. With external storage devices, there are two options – wireless storage devices & plug-in storage devices. When the wireless storage devices are powered on, you can access the files on them via a wireless network created by that storage device. While with the plug-in devices, you simply plug in the device into your iPad’s “lightning” port of the iPad, and just go to the device app to access your files. With all these cloud services having apps you can download via the iOS app store, you can free up more space on the local storage of your iPad.

external storage ipad

Option 2: Delete or manage your storage space

As our bias, disposition, and desires change, our cup of tea in terms of apps and what we need on the iPad changes too. Over time, some applications and documents occupying space have become redundant and over stayed their usefulness. You can check your iPad for files and apps that you don’t use anymore, can’t see yourself using anymore, and remove them from your iPad. You can either decide to delete them permanently, or decide to move them to your personal computer where you can access them when you need to, so as to upgrade iPad memory.

add memory to ipad

Option 3: Cloud Storage

The benefits associated with cloud storage means it is a no brainer not to consider it as one of the solutions for your iPad storage troubles. For starters, some of the cloud service providers give as much as 15 GB of space for free, which is almost as much as the native space that comes with the iPad mini. You can access your files from any device, from anywhere in the world, keep a copy of your files (backup) somewhere else, and collaborate on projects with other people, so you can add memory to iPad. Popular examples of cloud services include: Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box etc.

cloud storage

Option 4: Storage utility

Computers and tablet are constantly running processes, storing loads of data (cookies, history, application data, Safari caches, app caches) along the way – both useful and useless. In the long run, the accumulation of these data begins to distort the smooth running of your device; a process that takes a second now needs three seconds, apps are not loading as fast as they ought to etc. That is why there is a need to call in the professionals to clean up all the unwanted files, thereby adding memory to iPad for other uses.

An example of an iPad storage utility is the iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac. The iPad cleaner is a one click space analyzer and cleaner to upgrade iPad memory. It takes the hassle off of manually looking for what to delete on your iPad. With a well designed, easy-to-use interface – every tab is well labeled – leaving little or no room for mistakes; nothing like a one-click solution to all of your storage troubles. Some of the features of the iMyFone Umate iPhone cleaner are:

  • Compress photos losslessly, and mass delete photos
  • Space-saving analysis of your iPad
  • Backup and delete large files
  • Clean up massive junk files with one click
  • Data safety is guaranteed

Windows version Mac version

imyfone umate

DIY tricks and tips to add memory to iP ad

There also simple DIY tricks and tips that you can use to add memory to iPad, like clearing Safari cache, clearing offline reading list and browsing incognito.

1. Clearing Safari cache

Caching is used to improve the speed and loading time of data while browsing. This is to improve the page loading speed when the same page is loaded next time. In other words, content of the page does not be changed from the last time of visit. These data (cookies, history, and data) can be cleared by simply going to the settings app that comes with your iPad.

2. Clearing Offline reading list

Offline reading lists are used to access articles when the “airplane” mode has been turned on. A feature for those who would love to have articles read while traveling, or when they are going to places where network won’t be available. Very often, iPad users forget to remove articles from their reading list when they are done. You can clear articles by swiping across them, and tapping the delete button.

3. Browsing Incognito

When you browse incognito, your browser stores no information about your browsing session – no cookies, no history, no caching. This helps keep your phone void of unnecessary data, and is especially good for those who regularly delete their browsing history. You can turn on private (incognito) browsing by tapping the icon for tabs; on the bottom left hand of the screen, you’ll see the word “Private”. Tap on private to activate private browsing.

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