iPhone 4S Storage: Top Tips for the Old Dog

Despite moving on to iPhone 7, some iPhone users still regard iPhone 4S as the best iPhone ever. It is then no surprise that a lot of people are still rocking their iPhone 4S till this day.

One of the reasons is that iPhone 4S represents a giant leap forward for Apple and iPhone with new features that weren’t on the iPhone 4. Secondly, it was the last iPhone Steve Jobs worked on before his death. Lastly, the iPhone 4S consumes less power, meaning you can go 11 hours on continued use and 200 hours on standby.

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Making the Most of iPhone 4S Storage

With the fixed storage space that comes with iPhone 4S, there is need to manage the space properly and prudently. These five ways will help you manage your iPhone 4S storage well.

1 Delete Unwanted and Unused Apps

There’s a high chance that you have apps that you haven’t used in a while. Maybe you needed it when you downloaded it, but you no longer do.

To delete such apps, hold the said app for a few seconds till all the apps starts to vibrate. Tap the “X” on the app. This deletes the app.

2 Delete Photos to Fix iPhone 4s Storage Full

There’s no doubt Apple has empowered so many people to take on their photo-taking hobbies mobile. This is because of the clarity and sharpness the pictures have. This however comes at a price. Photos are larger than other data on the iPhone 4s, meaning each picture you take, takes up more space. `

Invariably, some pictures are no longer needed, time to delete them. To delete them, go to Photos app and select the pictures, and tap the “Bin” icon.

3 Back up Photos to Cloud and Delete Them

Since iPhone 4S had Cloud capabilities, you can actually move your media there, as a sort of backup, and delete them from your iPhone to get more storage on iPhone 4S. This saves you the headache of having to delete pictures every time you want to take new shots.

To do this, enable camera upload after using installing Dropbox or use iCloud that comes with iPhone.

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4 Delete Voicemail Messages

If you still have all the voicemail messages you’ve ever received, then this is for you. Apple’s visual voicemails can end up taking up loads of storage space if you don’t delete them regularly.

To delete them, tap the Voicemail app, go to the voicemails you want to delete, swipe to the left and tap the red delete button.

5 Delete Videos to Resolve iPhone 4s Storage Problem

Videos are one of the biggest storage culprits especially if they are of HD quality. You’ve downloaded the recent Game of Thrones, what you should delete is soon afterwards, but you didn’t because you perhaps still have the first season on your iPhone.

Now that you need more space, you might have to delete some. To delete videos, go to videos, tap “Edit” and tap the “ – “ that appears on the video.

Alternative to Manual Deletion: iMyFone Umate-All-in-one iPhone Cleaner

Doing all the aforementioned yourself is a chore really, and iMyFone Umate iPhone Cleaner (or Mac version) saves you from all the trouble of manually deleting videos, apps in your bid to fix iPhone 4s storage full. What iMyFone Umate offers is a one-click solution to create enough space for your iPhone 4S.

Well, iMyFone Umate makes that possible with aplomb. iMyFone Umate is an iOS cleaning utility with powerful features that simplifies the cleaning process. Its features include:

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iMyFone Umate Pro

  • Back up and compress photos losslessly, backup and mass delete photos.
  • Detect and selectively delete all large files over5MB (including videos) according to different file sizes.
  • Clean junk files and temporary files thoroughly.
  • Manage apps and selectively delete them.
  • Erase all contents and settings permanently, 100% unrecoverable!
  • Find out and permanently erase existing private data or previously deleted files.

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To use iMyFone Umate Pro, perform the following actions:

1. Plug your iPhone 4s to your computer where locates iMyFone Umate Pro (ensure iTunes is installed).

2. Click Quick Scan button to get the analysis of the storage space of your iPhone 4s.

3. Click Clean button of the specific item, and within minutes, your iOS device is as clean as the options you have selected.

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