iPhone Running out of Storage? Follow These Tips

In case you're similar to me, you're tingling to move up to iOS 9 as of now, however you can't. Or even if you want to download that latest photos filter app for yourself but you can’t. That is because of the same old reason; your iPhone is running out of storage! You just don’t have enough memory on your phone to install them. Try not to fuss. Fortunately the fix is pretty basic. You can have the newest version of iOS, all your favorite apps and take pictures by following very simple tips. Prepare yourself, though, because if you want to have that 1 GB of free space, you will have to get rid of pics, texts and other data as well.

Tip 1 Get rid of those unwanted apps from your iPhone

There are many Apps that we maybe used them only once or twice. The problem is that they take a lot of your phone’s memory space, restricting you from taking more photos, downloading more data and etc.

To get rid of this problem, simply delete the apps you don’t use often. You can simply tap and hold the app icon, it’ll start to wiggle, tap the “x” on top of the icon, tap on the delete button and that is it.


Tip 2 Remove pictures and other junk data

If you’re one of those who love taking a lot pictures, selfies, making videos and what not, and have thousands of photos in your phone… well, removing those pictures from your iPhone can save you A LOT of space. You can have a backup of all those pictures on your PC using iTunes very easily.

Photos aren’t the only thing that takes a lot of space on your phone, you’ll be surprised to see how much space you can save if you start to delete other data like voicemails, reminders, and contacts and even call history.

recover all deleted photos

Tip 3 Clean the internet browser and Safari

Another speedy, simple approach to tackle the “running out of space on iPhone” error is to clear annoying cookies and other data from the cache of your phone’s internet browser. The method is quite simple, go to “Settings”, scroll down to “Safari” and select it. Then again, scroll down and tap on “Advanced”, then select “Website Data”. Finally tap on “Remove All Website Data”.

iOS9 Safari clear history and browsing data iPhone

Tip 4 Switching App Notifications

Yes, switching off your app notification can’t only save your battery life, but it can save your phone’s memory too. The method is simple: go to “Settings”, select “Notifications”, select and disable the notifications for the apps you want by simply toggling off the “Allow Notification” option.

notification option

Tip 5 Utilize the iTunes Match

You don't really need to have each song on your iPhone. You can simply sign up for iTunes Match and you will have each song you claim accessible to you by means of the cloud. In this manner you can erase your music from your iPhone realizing that each track you may wish to listen to is only a download away.

  1. Tap Settings > iTunes & App Store.
  2. Sign in with the Apple ID and password that you use for iTunes Match.
  3. In the upper-left corner, tap Settings.
  4. Tap Music.
  5. Turn on iCloud Music Library.

iphone6 itunes match enable

Tip 6 Use iMyFone Umate

You can use the iMyFone Umate to clear up memory space on your iPhone. It is simple to use, you need to: first, connect your iPhone with your PC. Then open the iMyFone Umate and click on Scan. The iMyFone Umate will do the rest for you.

  • 1-Click junk files cleanup - The program can clear up 30+ hidden junk files, like App caches, crash logs, corrupted files etc.
  • Clear temporary files - Temporary files accumulate with time, too much such data stored on your iPhone will slow down your iPhone.
  • Photo manager - It provides 2 option: photo compression & photo deletion. This will save at least 75% of your photo space and original photos will be backed up on PC.
  • Delete large files/ videos - Detect all large files over 5MB, you can mass delete all them to save huge iPhone space. Also original videos will be backed up.

Windows version Mac version

If your iPhone or iPad are running out of storage, one of the best ways to solve this problem is by utilizing the iMyFone Umate. It is very easy to install. The best thing about iMyFone Umate is that it is pretty user friendly.

space saver free how much space
All you need to do is follow these 3 simple steps: First one, connect your iPhone with your PC. Then open the iMyFone Umate on your PC and click on Scan. The iMyFone Umate will scan the storage of your iPhone or iPad and give you the whole picture of where the storage space is being utilized. And not only that, it will recommend you what to delete and what to compress to have the required space. What it basically does is that it scans and analyzes your phone’s data for the likes of junk files, large sized files, pictures, logs, cache and apps to remove.

They're downloading

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