How Do I Manage Storage on My iPhone

iPhone does not come with an unlimited storage capacity. Therefore, it is important to manage your iPhone storage. It is important to note that unless there is space on your device, there is a high chance that it will limit the efficiency and smooth operation of your iPhone. As you take pictures, download videos and apps, documents etc., your iPhone acquires app caches, junk files, temporary files etc. which could occupy a lot of space and slowing down your device.

managing iphone storage

Managing iPhone Storage: 3 tips to Free up Space on iPhone

Tip 1 Save HDR Photos Only

It is no longer news that photos take a whole lot of spaces on your iPhone, to manage space on iPhone, then we should deal with photos. However, a lot of iPhone users hardly remember that new photos are normally saved in two images and this takes more storage. This is because iPhone will allow you to take HDR images but always note that the non- HDR image gets saved by default.

To free up space, you should only save HDR images. To do this, go to Settings >Photos and Cameras then set the “Keep normal photo” to off.

Tip 2 Set Messages to Auto Delete

One area iPhone user’s neglect is their messages. It is important to understand that your message history will take a whole lot of gigabytes of space especially in situations where photos are sent and received via text.

If you are using an iOS 10 device, a new “settings” will enable you to delete older messages automatically. To do this, follow the simple steps by going to Settings > Messages and then set “ Keep Messages” to 30 days or 1 year depending on the amount of space it consumes.

Note that you can also delete message threads individually by tapping delete but you can save photos on the messages before the delete.

Tip 3 Delete All Useless Apps

This is one of the easiest ways to free up space on your iPhone yet it is one of the least considered among iPhone users. There are possibilities of apps you may have downloaded but just used it once or not have used it at all. The rule of thumb is that if you do not need or use an app, just delete them. In fact, you could save as much as 1GB of space without doing something serious.

To do this, go to your home screen, tap and hold icon, then tap the “X” that appear in the left corner to delete app.

Well, you can also do this with the help of iMyFone iPhone Cleaner, this program can scan your iPhone and list all the apps according to their sizes. And then, you just need to select all those unused ones and mass delete them at once by clicking “Clean” button under the list.

managing iphone storage

iMyFone iPhone Cleaner- One Click iPhone Space Manager

The best way to manage your storage on your iPhone is by using the iMyFone iPhone Cleaner or iMyFone iPhone Cleaner for Mac . It is powerful but yet a simple one click iPhone storage manager. In fact, it is rated as one of the top iPhone cleaners in the world. You can do the following with this software:

Windows version Mac version

  • One Click to Clean all the Junk Files on iPhone - List all the junk files on your iPhone. Only one click on the button “Clean”, all the junk files will be removed from your iPhone, thoroughly and quickly.
  • Clear Temporary Files to release Huge iPhone Space - Each time we use the apps on iPhone, some use residue will be generated. Armed with unique technology, Umate can clear up all the temporary files.
  • Compressing Photos Losslessly & Mass deleting photos - Save at least 75% of your photo space, as for the original photos, they will be backed up to your PC for future use.
  • Selectively Delete Large Files to Save More iPhone Storage - Videos, including those shot by iPhone camera or download from internet, eat up massive iPhone space, also. Umate can find all the videos on your iPhone and allow you to filter them according to different sizes.
  • Remove Unused Apps to get iPhone Space Back - Scan your iPhone and list all the apps according to their sizes. And then, you can select those unused ones and delete them at once by clicking “Remove” button under the list.

managing iphone storage

With the above five functions, managing iPhone storage won’t bother you anymore. And this software is really easy to use, all you need do is to connect your iPhone to the computer > Scan your iPhone >Click on “Clean”. And all your unwanted files will be wiped out.

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