Manage your iPhone Cloud Storage efficiently !

IPhone cloud storage allows users to store and view their important files from anywhere in the world. Users can access and manage all their files, pictures and media via their cloud account, easily connecting their devices together. Cloud storage enables people to regularly update all their data and backup their files through the internet. You can store all your pictures, videos and any other file with iCloud and stream everything directly on your device.

Iphone Cloud Storage Full

Cloud storage for iPhone comes with a limit, and if you reach or exceed that, your files will not be updated and backed up anymore. The best way to avoid such a situation is managing the cloud storage on your devices. There are a number of ways to do this. Users can either prevent certain apps from backing up or delete the unnecessary files from the iCloud account.

There are a few ways through which iOS users can navigate around the problem of iPhone iCloud storage full.

Solution 1 When a user backs up their iPhone or any other iOS supported device, all the important data like E-mails, pictures, videos and files are backed up automatically. Usually, most of the apps in the device get backed up as well. This takes up a lot of space.

In order to prevent the apps from being backed up, you should select which ones are unimportant, and then turn off backup for that one. It is very simple to turn off backups for certain apps.

Go to Settings and tap on iCloud, then proceed to Manage Storage or Storage and Backup (depending on the version of iOS that you are using). You will see the name of your Apple device come up. Tap on it and then turn off backup for the apps that you do not want backed up anymore.

cloud storage for iphone

Solution 2 Clear all the unnecessary files and data that is stored within the iCloud.

You will have to go on Settings, and then tap on Manage Storage. After that, you will come across a Documents and Data option, on which you will tap. All the documents stored within iCloud will show up. Users can press Edit in the upper right hand corner of the screen and delete the files that are no longer important.

Solution 3 Another reason for the iPhone Cloud storage being full is the Pictures Library. The iCloud updates all the pictures that have been stored in the phone till date. If you want to clear up space, you can delete some pictures or videos from the device.

cloud storage for iphone

iMyFone Umate –one click to free up huge space for iPhone

This is actually another option that you can look towards when cleaning up storage space on your iPhones. The program is one of the best storage cleaning ones out there and has a lot of features that will enable users to enjoy more free storage for iPhone.

iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac will run a scan on the device and analyze how much space can be freed up. It can clear up all the junk, temporary files, unwanted apps/photos and other unused data and files. You will not have to worry about anything.

Windows version Mac version

It is easy to use, all users have to do is connect their devices, run a scan and with one click, all the unnecessary files will be gone.

cloud storage for iphone

The program offers flexible cleaning of space, which means that you can choose which files you want to keep and which ones will be removed. It is available easily, and comes with a free trial period. All your information will be completely secure and protection of data is guaranteed.

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