Not Enough Space Again? You Need An iOS 10 Cleaner App!

In today's world of latest applications, high-end cameras offering comprehensive photos and quality video, and console-grade games, it is all too simple for your iPhone to fill up storage very rapidly indeed. Even users with enormous 64GB storage memory models can find things get out of hand speedy, so it's even inferior if you are on the entry-level 16GB, or if you're utilizing an older 8GB model such as the iPhone 5c.

iPhone's latest OS, iOS 10, is essentially like getting a new phone, but, you will require to obtain some free storage to install the software. If you have been putting off the advance because you are receiving the anxieties "Not sufficient Storage" message, these are the solutions you are looking for.

Our smart phones are the interior of our digital world, and they grasp lots of data: text messages, photos, browsing history, etc. Apple is flogging the 16GB horse, means those of you updating to a 16GB model will have to get imaginative with your space because it won't last long. Thankfully there are plenty of rapid and simple methods you can clear up space on your iPhone or iPad.

If you are having a concern with your iOS device, then follow these steps:

1. Back Up your data, before erase data from your device.

2. Erase your iDevice.

3. Restore your device from an iCloud.


However, many people don't know how to operate it. What's more, most of them were afraid of data lost. In the digital world, you need the quickest solution to free up space. iMyFone Umate iPhone Cleaner gives us a perfect solution to free up space on iOS 10 devices. It permits you to clear of unwanted files so that your device could have a lot of free space and the apps runs more efficiently.

How to use iMyFone Umate iOS 10 Cleaner

iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac is built for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch to help you remove those unwanted files from your precious iDevices. It provides you a easy technique to free space on iPhone by junk file clean-up, temporary files clean-up, lossless photo compression and app managing. All the features make your iOS device run faster and smoother.

Windows version Mac version

iMyfone Umate

  • Connect your iOS 10 device to computer: There is a lot of software with limited functions to clean your iOS device, but I recommend you iMyFone Umate software. So Download the iMyFone Umate software on your iOS 10 device and install it. Once it is installed, it asks to connect your iOS device through a USB cable.
  • Scan and analyze your iOS 10 Space:Once your device is connected successfully, then iMyFone Umate will scan your device and analyze the space directly. Do not disconnect your iOS device during the scan process.
  • Reclaim More Space for your Device

iMyFone Umate is one of the best selections to find and clear spam from any gadget that runs iOS 10. With this iOS cleaner app, you can do a inclusive sweep to find temporary files which can be removed, and other documents that might be taking more space in your device. iMyFone Umate iOS Cleaner  is a amazing app for a number of reasons. Therefore, if you are finding for a solution to clean any iOS 10 device, this app might be a good idea!

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iMyFone Umate Pro

Permanently erase all iOS data: WhatsApp, Viber, messages, photos, call history, note, etc, 100% unrecoverable!

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iMyFone Umate

1-click cleanup to reclaim massive free space & optimize performance of iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.

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