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iPhone Storage Full? You Need An iPhone Cleaner!

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Tata Davis

April 13, 2016 (Updated: June 23, 2020)• Filed to: Clean up iPhone

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For iPhone users, slowness is not an option at all. There are many iPhone cleaner apps which can get the work done. This tutorial is all about the best iPhone cleaner apps. The embedded screenshots as well as the comparison at the end will make the choice easy for you, therefore getting all the solutions to get the iPhone cleaned in easy manner.

Top 5 iPhone Cleaners

Below are the top 5 best iPhone cleaner softwares. These are the ones which are far better than the free iPhone cleaner apps which at times never get the work done for users. The free softwares which will be introduced below are the ones which have been selected after rigorous testing. They are found to be useful and hence they make up this part of the tutorial.

Note: In case of overwriting your old messages; you’d better not to send new text messages. Just keep your iPhone intact and then run this program ASAP to get your lost messages back.

1. iMyfone Umate iPhone Cleaner

iMyfone Umate Pro or iMyfone Umate Pro for Mac allows users to get the work done without any notice. It never interrupts the priority processes of iPhone. Among all iPhone cleaner softwares this one has a unique and matchless place: it does all the work for users as the processes are automated. With minimum user interruption this program has all the features to secure the personal data of the user. The developers claim that it is the world’s No. 1 iPhone cleaner which is 100% true.

ios space saver

1-Click to Completely Clean Your iPhone

  • 30+ types of different junk files or temporary files are removed once
  • Mass delete photos or large files.
  • Losslessly compress photos, saving 75% photo space.
  • A bulk of apps can be removed at the same time.
  • Find out and completely erase some previously deleted files.
  • Permanently erase some private data: erase all data or individually erase the unwanted personal data.

download-win download-mac

iMyfone Umate Pro

2. iMobie PhoneClean

The simplicity and the stunning change made in the recent versions has taken the app to next level. The process as well as the workflow that is used by the developers is awesome. It is for the same reason that the app is used by a healthy number of users. At times there are apps which consume the space of iPhone and therefore the performance becomes slow. To curb the situation the additional feature of security has also been added. This allows the users to monitor the space usage real time. The feature of silent clean scans the phone with ease and frees the space even without user’s knowledge. The app will not interrupt the normal usage of the phone.


3. Macgo Free iPhone Cleaner

It can be regarded as one of the best iPhone cleaner apps which are free to use. With just three clicks the user can delete the files that are useless or junk. From downloaded temp files to crash log files this apps does it all for the users. The junk files are deleted and therefore it allows the users to keep the precious memories within the phone. Among the iPhone cleaners this app has a unique perspective which allows the users to get the work done without any hassle. The speed of the app is swift and therefore the reviews by the users are highly positive.


4. iFreeup

Each and every iPhone file has some junk attached to it. This is the phenomenon which makes iPhone filled up with useless garbage. The crap that is present onto the memory makes the speed as well as the performance degraded. The iFreeup is an app which does the work for the users with ease and allows them to get the work done ensuring the usability. This apple iPhone cleaner has all the features which are 100% in line with the user’s demands. Other than the iPhone cleaner this app also allows the users to import and export the stuff which has made this app worth downloading.


5. Clean Doctor - Phone Cleaner

This tool is an all in one technique to restore the swiftness of the iPhone with ease. It is for the same reason that the downloading number is being increased. From overheating to iOS upgrade issues this app does it all and therefore it is highly recommended. This also acts as a fixture to get the iOS work normal.

clean doctor

Comparison for the 5 iPhone Cleaners

The comparison table below is the one which has all the relevant info so that the user can take a look at a glance. With this table it will become easy for the user to decide which app should be used.

Apps and Metrics
iMobie PhoneClean
Macgo free iPhone cleaner
Clean Doctor - Phone Cleaner
Delete Cache/cookies
Delete temp files
Close background apps
Clear browsing history
Clear other storage
Delete Large Files
Version windows & mac

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