What can we do when iPhone 7 video memory is large

While you’re making a video clip on your iPhone 7 at your friend’s surprise birthday party and unfortunately it stops when she’s about to cut the cake, you may feel angry yet helpless just because your iPhone turned out to be a victim of low storage space.

For all the video and movie buffs owning iPhones, the most prevalent problem arises when the iPhone 7 video memory is occupied entirely. Nothing eats up your iPhone’s memory like the video monster. Well, the “video monster “is actually the album that’s brims your iPhone’s memory with tons of videos. If you’re a movie enthusiast like me, I’m sure your iPhone 7 must be having a large video file of the most recent movie released.

Skimming through some effective ways of releasing iPhone video memory, here we share the list of the three best options ever to make huge space on your iPhone.

Method 1 Delete videos from settings

Keeping all videos onn your iPhone 7 will make the memory large. Getting rid of unnecessary videos from iPhone is easy through a more informed way. This is a manual method. Hop on to the” Settings” and tap on “General” then “Usage”. Now wait for your iPhone to analyze the storage information whilst the spinning wheel icon spins. Here you’ll see the videos that you currently have on your device right on the top of the list or you may to tap on “Show All Apps” option in order to locate and view the list of videos.

Steps: Tap Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Storage > Manage Storage under Storage > Videos. Select the video you want to remove, and swipe it to left, and then tap the red "Delete" button to delete the videos from iPhone.

delete videos settings


Before deleting videos on your iPhone 7 to free up storage space, you’d better to back it up to iTunes or computer to avoid the permanent loss of the videos. Above mentioned method, you are able to delete one video at a time, if you want to remove many videos at the same time, you should try another way.

Method 2 Remove videos from iTunes

Another easy way to remove videos that have been synced from a computer is through using iTunes. The procedure of deleting is involves syncing new folder entailing videos from iTunes to delete them permanently. Sweep away all the old movies and videos that you have watched before to make space and amplify iPhone video memory usage.You can select videos that you don’t like and remove it from your iTunes library.

delete videos by itunes

Method 1 Use iMyFone Umate to backup and delete your videos

iMyFone Umate Pro / iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac is one of the best yet flawless space making software and iOS cleaner that promises to backup the videos retaining with no compromise on quality . For all the iOS users, it offers the most convenient and time-saving way to delete videos with a single click and a backup option as well.
Windows version Mac version

Step 1. Connect iPhone to Your PC via cable.

connect your iphone to pc

Step 2. Scan your iPhone  for a full space-saving analysis.

Choose "Large Files" , the program will scan the large files which over 5 MB.

scan your iphone video

Step 3. Select the videos that you want to remove and click "Back up & Delete".

iMyFone Umate will back up all the selected files to your PC and then delete them from your iOS device.

delete videos

Shining features:

1. Choose videos to remove according to different file sizes.

You can selectively choose video files that you want to keep and their respective sizes too. Moreover, you can remove those which are occupying massive space on your iPhone 7through this exceptional space-saving software.

2. Back up all the selected large files before deleting.

Once you have sorted out which ones to sweep (typically the ones which are occupying tremendous space on your iOS device) then you may proceed to create a backup for them with iMyFone Umate before removing those bulky video files.

3. Selective deletion to keep useful ones on your iPhone for daily use

Kick away the outdated and time-consuming ways to release iPhone video memory. Selective deletion of videos allows you to keep the useful ones and sweep the old and unwanted files that have occupied huge space on your iOS device.


Instead of deleting videos from iOS device through time-consuming and tough techniques that appear as a bitter pill to all of us, it’s better to download the wondrous space making and video memory releasing software iMyFone Umate that sweeps away videos selectively with less human intervention. Offering a great option creating backup of video files that are relatively larger in size is the best feature. Lastly, just one magical click is enough to free and release huge massive space that was previously occupied with large video files on your iOS device.

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