You may have head or read before that you should periodically clear the cached data from your browser or other apps. What is this mysterious cache, though, and what does it do? Does it actually harm your iPhone to delete it? Is any important data in the cache that shouldn鈥檛 be deleted? We鈥檒l explain all of this below.

What Happens When You Clear Cached Data on iPhone?

What's Cached Data?

Cached data varies when it comes to exactly what it is - it depends on what is cached. In general, though, a cache is temporary data that is stored by an app usually for the purpose of speeding up loading times. This can take many forms and many different kinds of apps can cache data.

Why Cached Data Exists?

Why does cached data exist? Well, usually an app caches data in order to be able to serve you the data more quickly next time.

For example, a browser may cache web pages so that websites that you frequently visit don鈥檛 have to load from an external server every single time, and instead can load more quickly from your phone storage. Have you ever noticed that pages that you鈥檝e visited recently load up much faster? This is because the browser app is loading from a cache and not from the Internet during these times.

How big the cache is and how much the app will store varies. However, sometimes the cache can get too bloated and might take up a lot of space on your phone.

What Happens When You Clear Cached Data for Apps?

When you clear cached data, usually the changes are subtle. The app that you cleared the cache from might take slightly longer to load data that it has to fetch from the Internet, but you might suddenly have a lot more storage space freed up on your iPhone.

Usually, clearing up the cache doesn鈥檛 do much to the app鈥檚 performance, so often it is worth it to clear up your cache. This is especially advisable as a first step if you find that your phone鈥檚 storage is filled up. The cache is just an area with temporary files that get deleted eventually anyway, so it is safe to clear it under most circumstances.

Free Way to Clear All Cached Data on iPhone (iOS 12 Supported)

Now, the obvious question is, how do you clear cached data on iPhone? Well, this can be tricky because most apps don鈥檛 have built-in cache cleaning functions. Except for most browsers, you have to trust the majority of apps to 鈥渢ake out the trash鈥 on their own - and many of them don鈥檛.

Luckily, with a free but all-in-one iPhone cleaner, like iMyFone Umate Win/iMyFone Umate Mac, you don鈥檛 have to worry about that. In fact, you can clear cached data from your apps all at once with minimal hassle.

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  • Clear Cache - A free trial available to find and clear all kinds of cached data in website browsers and apps all at once, which frees up tons of space in a matter of minutes.
  • Clear Temp Data - All the temporarily downloaded data still left on iPhone can be thoroughly removed to save huge space.
  • Release Huge Space - Losslessly compress photo to save 75% space & mass delete unwanted photos/large files/apps in bulk.

what happens when you clear cached data

How to 1 click Clear All Cached Data on iPhone?

Step 1: Download and install Umate onto your computer, then plug your device into your computer. Open Umate Pro.

Step 2: You will be in the 1-Click Free Up Space mode by default. Click "Junk Files" tab and it will start to analyze your iPhone.

what happens when you clear cached data for apps

Step 3: You will be presented with different types of cached data. Click where it says 鈥淐lean鈥 clear.

what happens when you clear cached data for apps

The Pro Version of iMyFone Umate Does More Than Cache Clearing

Compared to iMyFone Umate, iMyFone Umate Pro features in the most erasure of iOS data which can completely wipe anything you don鈥檛 want from iPhone/iPad/iPod with NO chance of recovery.

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  • 100% Unrecoverable - All the erased data by iMyFone is 100% safe with 0% recovery.
  • Erase Private Data - You can find and permanently delete private messages, contacts, call logs, photos & videos, WhatsApp data, etc.
  • Completely Wipe iPhone - 鈥淓rase All Data鈥 on it allows you to sell your old device without worry about privacy breaches, as all the data are completely destroyed.
  • Third-Party Apps Eraser - Incomplete traces and fragments left by Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Chrome, Twitter, and 10+ more 3rd-party apps will be permanently destroyed.
  • Overwrite Deleted Files - Previously deleted data can expose your personal info, which can be totally effaced even from hard drive.

what happens when you clear cached data

Final Verdict

What happens when you clear cached data? It鈥檚 safe to clear cached data for apps. Using iMyFone iPhone Cleaner not only clears all cached iOS data, but also protects you from any privacy leak.