What to do when your iOS 10.3 photo storage is full

The current gen iPhone nowadays can take literally hundreds of photos in under a minute, shoot full 4K video, and support for all sorts of other format of media such as 1080P 60 FPS video, panoramic photos, and much more. Because of this your storage fills super fast! Next thing you know your phone photo storage is full. The above isn’t even counting other data you store like music or apps. So what do you do when your iOS 10.3 photo storage is full?

Method 1: Manually delete multiple iOS 10.3 photos directly from iPhone

Step 1. Launch the iOS 10.3 Photos app.

Step 2. Tap on the “Photos” tab at the bottom of your screen.

Step 3. You’ll see that the Photos tab organizes your photos by Years > Collections > Moments. Get into “Moments”.

Step 4. Tap the “Select” button in the upper right corner.

Step 5. Tapping on the Select button of a specific Moment selects all the photos in this Moment.And tap on the Trash icon at the bottom right of the screen. 

select photos to delete

Method 2: Delete some apps directly from iPhone

It's a effective method, but many people don't want to do like this. Using iOS 10.3 to determine what files are taking up the most space (showcasing what parts of your phone apps/data take up storage), and then delete the apps which you don't use every often. You can delete them by holding and clicking the “x”.

iPhone-ManageStorage move-delete-apps

Method 3: Free up iOS 10.3 photo storage with iMyFone Umate

These are all great methods to save storage however require you to go through multiple avenues on your phone and ultimately result in you losing things to gain space. Storing iPhone iOS 10.3 photos for example the only manual method to save space is to move or delete them. However with iMyFone Umate iPhone Cleaner you can not only save space but keep all of those photos. The compression technology on the app allows you to easily compress photos & keep them locally on your device.

Windows version Mac version

This is great because it handles multiple things with a click of a button saving you a ton of time & frustration of navigating around iOS 10.3. First the app backs up all your content to your computer to make an offsite backup. It then compresses your existing photos to help alleviate you of the gigabytes of space. Lastly it simply creates space for you to add more content! Say goodbye to the iPhone 4, iPhone 5, and iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s storage is full dialogues. The lossless compression in this case frees up around 75% of your camera roll’s storage space. Most people tend to have 80% of their storage occupied by photos so this is an essential area to tackle.

Main Features:

  • Clean up 30+ junk files to free up the iOS space. This removes the app caches, cookies, temp files, and crash logs permanently.
  • Clear the temporary files thoroughly from the iOS devices.
  • Compress losslessly and delete photos in order to reclaim about 75% of the photo’s space.
  • Back up and at the same time delete large files to take the space back.
  • Manage and remove the unused apps to release the iPhone space
  • Secure the data by means of backing up beforehand.

Main steps to back up and compress iOS 10.3 photos:

Step 1. Connect your iOS device to computer.

connect iOS devices with PC

Step 2. Select "Photos" tab, click "Backup & Compress".


Then all your original photos will be backed up and exported to your PC firstly.


Step 3. After exporting photos, it will start compression to free up 75% of your iPhone iOS 10.3 photos' storage.

compress photos up on iPhone


There’s no shortage of methods out there but iMyFone Umate simply unifies those steps into literally a click. Saving you tons of time and stress so you can keep on storing those photos and videos in your camera roll without worry. All while adding in other measures such as ensuring your data is backed up, kept on your iPhone, and still saving you tons of space. All other methods require you to remove data be it apps, photos, or what have you in order to create space. iMyFone Umate on the other hand reduces and compresses elements existed on your iPhone while keeping your data present. Simply keep your photos on PC and save space all with a simple click!

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