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With several latest updates of iOS 13, several iDevices seem to run quite slow over time. Is there any problems with the recent update? Or is there any other reasons that might be the cause of iPhone 5s running slow? When you update your older iDevices, say iPhone 5s for example, you might face sluggish issue when running your iPhone after updating the iOS into the latest version.

3 Tips to Fix a Slow iPad on iOS 13?

You are given so many ways to fix this main problem. As already stated above, you might have several reasons that can get your iPad runs really slow, and to fix them, all you need is to tackle down all of the causes.

Solution 1:

You can check the temporary files, cache and browser cookies, or you can also check any other junk files that fill up the available storage of your iPad. Once you found that the junk files seem to fill up your current storage space, clean up those files and check how is your iPad鈥檚 performance now.

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Solution 2:

You might also want to clear the background activities caused by unused apps running in the background though they are not in use. It is also important to delete or uninstall apps that you might don鈥檛 need or use anymore.

Solution 3:

Consider to move all important files such as photos, videos, musics, documents, etc from your iPad to external drive or cloud storage like. This way, you will have more available storage inside your iPad and can speed up iPad.

After doing all these, If still you iPad is slow, consider to use third-party app. iMyFone Umate free is totally free, and it can clear up all your junk files on your iPad. If you still think that you iPad is not fast enough, then turn to iMyFone Umate Pro to make a deep cleaning for your iPad.

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1-Click to Speed up Slow iPad - iOS 11/12/13 Supported

As a freeware, Umate free will not crap out or tell you shit about its capability of doing the important job. iMyFone Umate Pro will analyze your current space and tell you which apps or files decrease your storage space the most. It will also tell you how much space you can save after giving the comprehensive analyzed results on the screen. You can then clear all the junk files with one-click clean up.

Windows version Mac version

Steps 1: Link your iPad to your computer.

Make sure that you already downloaded and installed the iMyFone Umate in your PC or Mac. And then, connect your iPad with your PC or Mac.

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Steps 2: Scan and analyze the whole system of your iPad

Click Quick Scan to enable the comprehensive data-analysis. The app will start scanning the whole system of your iPad device. After it鈥檚 done, the app will give you detailed results of what you can save from your iPad, including the size. The data presentation interface is very nice.

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Steps 3: Perform one click cleaning to optimize your iPad

Click "Clean" on the right side to perform the one-click clean up. It will take some time to perform this feature, and after that, you will be taken back to Home interface while showing you the result of what it has done for you.

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With those simple steps, you can test the performance of your iPad, and the sluggish issue will no longer be your problem as your iPad is already optimized.