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Animoji, Animated Emoji for iPhone X, Here Is How It Works

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Francisco Spearman

September 15, 2017 (Updated: September 15, 2017锛

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Animated Emoji is one of the new features that Apple introduced in its new iOS 11 operating system. Animoji is a custom version of the animated emoji characters available on the iPhone. With the help of it, it is possible for the device to recognize the user, which is an exclusive feature embedded into the new iPhone X device. The system creates 3-D emoji that reflects your facial expression.

Animoji, Animated Emoji for iPhone X

Part 1. About Animoji

Animoji developed by Apple is capable of tracking the facial expressions of the user. The feature is exclusive to iPhone X model. The iPhone X is the first to receive the new technology and will be coming to the new iOS version 11 very soon. The development of the new technology was possible due to the availability of several sensors and camera up front, which helps in recognizing the face of the user.
The three-dimensional sensing camera available in the iPhone 8 is capable of capturing expressions of the user such as squinted cheeks, mouth movements, blinking eyes, raised eyebrows, and more. According to Apple, the software is capable of capturing around 50 muscle movements and turn them into animoji. Although a few expressions are common, it is possible to customize by setting an expression using a robot, chimpanzee, cat, chicken, pig, dog, fox, and others.

about animoji

Part 2. How does it work

Apple has taken the emoji to a whole new level. On Tuesday, Apple unveiled the new technology which makes it easy to turn an individual into animated digital character. Another interesting character is that these digital characters possess the ability to speak in the voice of their owner and mimic the facial expressions.
Apple will be using the built-in facial recognition technology available in the iPhone X to bring life to these characters. You can then send messages using these characters to your friends, family members, and colleagues.

Part 3. How to create and share animoji

The facial recognition built in iPhone X makes it easy to create animoji. With the help of TrueDepth camera system, which the Apple terms as facial recognition feature, it is possible to capture the expressions of the user. The system consists of a proximity sensor, flood illuminator, dot projector, infrared camera, ambient light sensor, front camera, microphone, and speaker. All you have to do is glance at iPhone X to start the system.

The new A11 Bionic chipset developed by Apple along with the help of TrueDepth camera system helps in analyzing and capturing more than 50 muscle actions of the face. It then reincarnates the expression in an emoji form. The following measures will help you with creating and sharing an animoji:

  1. Open the Messages application on iOS 11
  2. In the conversation thread, click the App Store icon
  3. Choose an animoji icon from the list of all App Store apps
  4. While glancing at the iPhone X, press the red button in messages to record the expressions
  5. Click the Send button to send the animoji
  6. create animoji

    Part 4. Which devices support animoji

    Any Apple device that is running on iOS 11 possesses the ability to receive and see animoji. Nonetheless, creating and sharing and animoji will require an Apple device that has facial recognition feature. Currently, iPhone X is the only device that possesses the function.


    The new Bionic chipset and TrueDepth camera system, Apple went one step ahead in turning the regular emojis to something more interesting. A user can now send a digital character of self with different expressions along with voice. 聽

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