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How to Completely or Partially Back Up a Jailbroken iPhone

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Francisco Spearman

May 16, 2018 (Updated: May 16, 2018锛

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Do you have a jailbroken iPhone? While there can be a lot of benefits, most people tend to shy away from jailbreaking iPhones since when done wrong the process can damage the device or cause it malfunction. If you have successfully jailbroken the device, you may be wondering how you can safely back up the device without backtracking on all the benefits of a jailbroken device.
In this article, we will show you a few free ways you can safely and easily backup your jailbroken device. Just because the device is jailbroken doesn’t mean you can’t lose the data on it.

1. Why Choose to Jailbreak your iPhone

Like we mentioned before, jailbreaking a device is not for the faint-hearted. A jailbreak gone wrong can cause all kinds of problems on your device, causing it to malfunction and sometimes even stop working completely. So, if you have never jailbroken your device and are wondering whether it is worth the risk, you should know that a jailbroken device does have a number of pretty cool benefits. They include the following;

  • You can install apps that are not available on the App store on your device.
  • You can use your device like a “modem”, sharing your iPhone’s internet connection with other device.
  • Customizing a jailbroken device is much easier than one that isn’t jailbroken. You can customize every aspect of the device.
  • You can easily share files via Secure Shell Client on a jailbroken device, something that is not possible on a non-jailbroken device.

While these benefits can make it easier for you to use your device, jailbreaking a device does have a few disadvantages. They include the following;

  • A jailbroken device is more susceptible to malware than a non-jailbroken device and therefore the security and safety of your data becomes of concern.
  • Some apps you install on the device (those not on the app store) can cause the device to behave weirdly.
  • You may not be able to install the latest version of iOS on a jailbroken device.

Because of the security risk a jailbroken device presents, a backup of all your data is necessary. Let’s look at how you can back up the data on your jailbroken iPhone.

2. Free Way to Backup Jailbroken iPhone

You can back up the data on a jailbroken iPhone using OpenBackup. This is a free app that you can install on your device from the Cydia store. Once installed, it is very easy to use, all you have to do is launch it and tap on “Backup.”聽 When you need to, tap “Restore” and easily download and re-install all your apps, tweaks and hacks.

3. Fully Backup a Jailbroken iPhone

The data on your iPhone is precious and as reliable as apps like OpenBackup can be, they can sometimes fail to include all the data on your device. if you need to make a full backup of all the data on your device, you need a tool like iMyFone D-Port Pro Backup & Restore Tool . This program is designed to make the process of backing up and restoring a backup on an iPhone quick and easy whether the device is jailbroken or not.

D-Port Pro’s features make it the ideal tool to choose when you want to create a full backup of your data. These features include the following;

iMyFone D-Port Pro

Key Features:

  • You can choose to back up all the data on your iPhone or simply choose to back up a section of your data like messages.
  • It can also be used to restore the full back up to the iPhone or only a section of the data.
  • You can also use it to selectively export data from your iPhone to your computer.
  • All of these functions are presented in a simple to use interface that is easy to navigate even if you’ve never used the program before.

Try It FreeTry It Free

Download and install the program to your computer and then follow these simple steps to make a full backup of the data on your jailbroken device;

Step 1: Open D-Port Pro on your computer and then choose “Back Up & Export from Device” in the main window. Connect the iPhone to the computer using USB cables and once the program detects the device, click on “Make a Full Back up.”

make a full backup

Step 2: In the next window, click on “Back Up” and D-Port Pro will immediately begin backing up all the data on the device. Keep the device connected through the entire process.

back up

When the process is complete, the program will notify you.

4. Partially Backup Jailbroken iPhone

iMyFone D-Port Pro also makes it easy for you to backup only a section of the data on your device. You can choose to Backup only the messages on your device. To do that, follow these simple steps;

Step 1: On the program’s main interface, click on “Back up and Export from Device” and then click on “Back Up Messages.” If you haven’t already, connect the iPhone to the computer using USB cables and then wait for the program to detect the device.

make a partial backup

Step 2: On the next screen click on “Back Up” and the program will begin backing up all the messages on the device to your computer.

back up messages

When the backup process is complete, the program will display a message notifying you the backup process was successful.

When you need to, you can easily restore this backup back to your device. D-Port Pro can also facilitate this process. All you have to do is connect the device to the computer and restore either all or just some of the data.

Precisely because a jailbroken device is so susceptible to a lot of data security issues, you should always ensure that you regularly backup the device. And since, you can’t do that on iCloud or iTunes and backup apps can be so unreliable, a tool like iMyfone D-Port Pro can be very valuable in helping you keep the data safe. You can even use it to export certain types of data from your iPhone to computer.

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