Upgrading your Instagram app to iOS version 39 might not be worthwhile for Instagram loving Apple Watch owners. This upgrade which was released on April 2, 2018, is in line with the stance adopted by other big name brands like Google, Twitter, Slack and Amazon who stopped developing dedicated products just for the Apple Watch. In their defense, they have mentioned that what users of the Apple Watch need is just basic notification supports and not an exact recreation of the mobile version of their respective apps.

Their stance remains valid as the actual value the Apple Watch offers users lies in its fitness and health monitoring and tracking functionality as opposed to telling the time or receiving calls, which are both features the Apple Watch shares with the iPhone. Although the watch has gotten to its third series, upon purchasing a new Apple Watch, users frequently ask for the best 2018 apps or the most important apps to install. To answer these queries and many more, we decided to create a list of the best Apple Watch apps in 2018.

Top 10 Apple Watch Apps You Must Have for Your Wrist

1 Streaks

The key to leading a healthy lifestyle are small consistent lifestyle changes as opposed to the notion of making giant unsustainable strides or changes. Streak helps users track up to 12 different habits simultaneously, whether positive or negative, be it smoking or jogging or taking a walk. Moreover, this application retrieves data from the health app to reduce the process of filling multiple forms just for the app. The app goes for $4.99 and also caters for wheelchair users.

streaks for apple watch

2 Aaptiv

Historically, we think the more expensive a gym membership is, the more committed to working out we are. However, that is not always the case as we often ditch the membership free due to laziness after a while. Aaptiv leverages this loophole by creating a free workout app with additional workout in-app purchases. Users who already purchase some workouts on their iPhone can readily access it on their Apple Watch. Aaptive workout centers on audio fitness classes, categorized into strength training, rowing, yoga and running and about 2,500 of these classes are uploaded weekly.

aaptiv apple watch app

3 WorkOutDoors

As the name implies, this app was designed for users that prefer working out outdoors. It utilizes vector maps to monitor your location and progress, also it brandishes features such as a customizable stat display for a more personalized feel and a breadcrumb tracker. Additionally, it supports data exporting in GPX format for use in other workout apps and it uses waypoints to provide information to always keep users on track during a workout. It goes for $2.99.

workoutdoors apple watch app

4 Sleep Watch

With an upgrade in the Apple Watch battery, the expected proliferation of sleep tracking applications came as no surprise. With Sleep Watch, users can now wear the watch while sleeping and it monitors your heart rate and sleep quality in determining your sleep quality. With a price of $2.99, Sleep Watch asks users the daily question “how well rested do you feel?”, while offering sleep trend analysis and daily sleep reporting.

lost iphone messages without backup

5 Circa

This travel assistant app helps with scheduling activities across time zones by helping users identify whether it is a good time or not in another country or another continent for a scheduled activity. It is very useful in identifying the availability of people across time zones for the scheduling of virtual meetings or calls and although it is a niche app, it currently sells for $3.99 on the app.

circa apple watch app

6 Transit

This public transport solution application is available throughout the USA and some major cities including Paris. It provides departure information via nearby routes, offers direction, station details, subsequent departures etc. This free colorful app is poised to save you from stress and fuss as you have all the information readily available on your wrist.

transit apple watch app

7 CARROT Weather

This application is a renowned cynical yet intelligent weather forecast app. It not only wishes we were dead but can be outright abusive in delivering the weather reports. Moreover, the information could be displayed quietly on your Apple Watch face or spoken out loud based on your preference. This application is so horribly good that it even has an accruing political tilting setting While its premium club sells for $3.99.

carrot weather apple watch app

8 Apple Heart Study

This app could save your life by monitoring minute heart irregularities caused by life-threatening conditions such as atrial fibrillation – AFib. This condition is responsible for the death of millions annually but its symptoms remain grossly unnoticed by us, however, the apple heart rate sensors pick them up. This free app notifies users of identified irregularities in your heartbeat rhythm.

apple heart study

9 Workflow

This amazing app helps modularize applications for creating new solutions (workflow) on your device. It essentially gives you the ability to combine features from different apps to create an all-new workflow. This watch app although sounding somewhat geeky is a perfect companion for everyone as it serves as a launcher for your iPhone Workflow. The workflows you create can do almost anything, calculate tips, tweet songs or videos, read out messages etc. and this firm was recently acquired by Apple.

workflow watch app

10 TripIt - Travel Organizer

Collating travel information has never been easier than with the TripIt app. This app can be setup manually via sending your travel details, hotel bookings, flight details etc. to TripIt, which in return analyzes the information and makes them readily available to you when important. Additionally, it can be setup automatically by enabling TripIt automatically scan your Yahoo, Gmail or Outlook inbox for travel information. Moreover, the watch app serves to utilize travel data to remind users of important travel events about to happen such as heading to the airport or boarding flights. The app is free on the App Store but in-app purchases are available and upgrade of $48.99 is available with some additional features.

transit apple watch app

The Apple Watch has maintained its leading stride as a health watch in 2018 while offering users limitless functionality on these gadgets. This list of best Apple Watch apps 2018 creates a snippet into the vast potential it offers while promoting user’s health and increasing their quality of life.