Since its release back in 2010, the Kik messaging application has been a popular choice for both iOS and Android users. Unlike other messaging services, Kik allows mobile users to remain anonymous by not requiring them to provide a legitimate phone number. Another great aspect, though, is that users can access their Kik profile on a PC. Here's how users can download and use Kik messages on PC.

1. Use Kik on Computer by Chrome Extension

If you're someone that uses Google Chrome a lot, then you may benefit from installing the Kik chrome extension. All you need to do is open up the Chrome browser and follow the steps as below:

Step 1. Open Chrome Web Store( and type in the search bar 'Kik Messenger'.

Step 2. The correct one should be at the top of the results, and you can click 'ADD TO CHROME'.

Step 3. Select 'Add Extension' to install. Then you can log in and chat with your friends on Kik.

add kik to chrome

2. Download Kik App on Computer using BlueStacks

The Kik app is only available to iOS and Android users, which means the PC version is also only designed for those users. Therefore, a great way to get the full Kik app on your PC is to download some external software which imitates those operating systems, such as BlueStacks. BlueStacks is a piece of software that emulates a mobile device, and essentially turns your PC into an iOS or Android device so you can run mobile apps. This is how you do it:

Step 1. Google BlueStacks Emulator, and download the software from their official website.

Step 2. Once the download is complete, open the .EXE file to kick start the installation.

Step 3. When that's finished, type 'Kik for PC' or 'KIK Messenger' in the search bar within BlueStacks.

Step 4. Click on Install and then start using Kik on your PC.

download kik on windows

3. Download Kik App from Windows Store

Well, this method could be controversial because it doesn't work for all users. We have tested this but it only works for several Windows computers, which probably is relevant with Windows version. But if it works, then it is the simplest way - it can be completed in just a couple of clicks from the start menu from your Windows computer. So, that's worth a try. See how to do this:

Step 1. Bring up the start menu, type in 'store' in the search bar or just find the icon.

Step 2. Once you're in the Microsoft Store, you can again use the search bar, to type in 'Kik Messenger'.

Step 3. When the correct one pops up, click on it to commence the download.

download kik from windows store

However, if you just need your Kik messages and you're the type of person that cherishes simplicity and don't want to go through the above methods, why not let the iMyFone D-Port Pro tool retrieve your Kik messages for you?

4. Download Kik Messages from iPhone to PC

iMyFone D-Port Pro is an excellent program which boasts of a vast array of unique features. Now, while it may help you to transfer Kik messages from iPhone to computer quickly and easily, without having to download the app, there are many more functions which you can take advantage of. Take a look at some of its fantastic capabilities:

Key Features:

  • Download almost all Kik data from an iOS device to computer, including messages, audios and pictures and videos.
  • Export over 18+ types of data from an iOS device to PC/Mac, such as iMessage, text messages, voice memos, photos, WhatsApp and notes.
  • Supports export data from all iOS devices running the latest iOS 11.
  • Allows you to selectively back up data on an iOS device for FREE!

Windows version    Mac version

How to Download Kik Messages from iPhone to PC?

Step 1. Open up the software, select 'Back Up & Export from Device' and then hit 'Export Data'.

export data on iOS device

Step 2. When you're on the next screen, you'll need to select the type of data you want to export and then click 'Next'. Here you need to check Kik. If you need, other types of data can be checked, also.

choose data types you want to export

Step 3. iMyFone D-Port Pro will go through the procedure of retrieving the data, then you'll just need to look through it and select what you want to have exported.

export data from device to computer

Step 4. Finish by selecting 'Export' and then you will have the Kik messages you chose on your PC.

Choose one of the above methods, and start enjoying the entire benefits of Kik Messenger on your PC! Don't forget that iMyFone D-Port Pro offer a Free Trial version which you can back up your iOS device for free! Explore it Now!

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