Are you looking to download the different videos you often find on Twitter? The craze for social media is on the rise and this is why we often spot too many people hooked on to them. If you want to know how to download videos from Twitter without having to bother with any software, we are here to help. Let us get down to the basics.

Tip 1. Download video from Twitter on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch

Here are some of the simple steps which you need to follow.

    1. On your iOS device, download the Twitter app and then install it.
    2. Open the Twitter app and then spot the video that you want to download.
    3. Tap on the down arrow which is present at the top right corner of the selected tweet
    4. Now, click on the 鈥share tweet via鈥 option

share twitter via

    1. Tap on the option that says 鈥copy link to tweet

copy link to tweet

    1. Now open your browser and visit
    2. Here you need to paste the copied link and then you should tap on download
    3. Now, click on 鈥download video鈥. The video should start playing in the full screen mode.

download twitter video

    1. Now tap on the share icon which is present at the bottom and then select the 鈥add to home screen鈥 button

add to home

  1. You can name the video as per your desire. When you are done, tap on 鈥add鈥 which is present at the top right corner and you are done.

With these steps, you should be able to download your favorite video easily.

Tip 2. Download video from Twitter on Windows/Mac

When you are looking to save the videos on your Windows or Mac, here are the steps which you need to follow.

    1. On your system, login to your Twitter account
    2. Find the video which you want to download
    3. On the top right corner of the tweet, click on the down arrow which is present there
    4. From the menu, click on 鈥copy link to tweet鈥 and then copy the link

copy link to tweet on computer

    1. Now, visit
    2. You will find 鈥paste tweet url here鈥 and in it you should paste the tweet link and then click on the download option

paste tweet url here

  1. Now, click on the 鈥download video鈥 option and then click on 鈥save link as
  2. You can now save the desired video at your desired place and choose the name you want

These are the simple steps which when followed will help you save your Twitter videos to your device.


So, based on the device you are using, you can choose whichever method seems to be appropriate. We do understand that this is not the easiest of methods to use, but if you opt for third-party apps, most of them fail to offer what they promise.

So, go through the steps and then implement the right ones for getting the desired result.