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How to Fix Line Update Stuck on iPhone/iPad

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Brandon Eldred

June 25, 2018 (Updated: June 25, 2018锛

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iOS has plenty of great features, however, in order to keep on enjoying them, you must update. If you have iPhone line update stuck聽issues with your iPhone or iPad聽which聽does not finish downloading, 聽freezes while installing, or cannot get back on after it is turned off, then you need to keep on reading on how to fix iPhone line update stuck.聽This problem can sometimes be annoying and quite frustrating especially if you do not know how to fix it fast.

Picture this, you want to use your iPhone to take photos at an event and when you turn the camera on, the screen freezes and fails to get back on. Isn’t that frustrating? Well, do not worry, because we are going to teach you how to solve this problem.

Part 1: How to Fix Line Update Stuck on iPhone/iPad

1 Restart Your iPhone/iPad

Step 1: Long press the side button of your iPhone until you see the slider on the screen. For iPhone 8 or iPad, long press the top button until you are able to see the slider.

Step 2: Drag the slider to switch off your iPhone completely.

Step 3: Once your device is completely switched off, long press the side button again until the Apple logo appears.


2 Manage Your iPhone Storage

Step 1: Launch the Settings from your home screen聽and touch on General.

Step 2:聽Click on Storage and iCloud Usage.聽

Step 3: Select Storage and tap Manage Storage.聽

Step 4: Choose the app you no longer use.聽

Step 5:聽Click Delete App.

Step 6: Confirm deletion of the app.

delete apps on settings ios 11

3 Close Background Apps

Step 1: Double-press the home button.聽

Step 2: Go to multitask switcher.聽

Step 3: Remove all the apps that are operating in the background.聽聽


4 Toggle Airplane Mode on and off

Step 1:聽Launch Settings on your Home screen.聽

Step 2: Click the Switch next to Airplane Mode.聽

Step 3: To deactivate the Airplane mode, follow the same steps.


5 Turn Cellular Data on

Step 1: Click the Settings app on your Home screen.聽

Step 2:聽Tap Cellular icon.聽

Step 3:聽Click the switch that is next to Cellular Data and ensure that it turns to green.


6 Change to Another Wi-Fi Hotspot

Step 1: Launch Settings from your Home screen.聽

Step 2: Click on Wi-Fi to turn on the Wi-Fi app.聽

Step聽3: Select the Wi-Fi network you want to change to.聽

Step 4: Click Connect. If there is no passwords for this WiFi, your iPhone will automatically connected to it; if this is protected with passwords, just enter the password and press connect.

change to another wifi network

7 Reset Network Settings

Step 1: Launch the Settings app聽and click on General.聽

Step 2: Tap Reset found at the bottom end of your screen.聽

Step 3: Click Reset Network Settings.聽

Step 4: You will then be asked to enter your passcode, enter the passcode.聽

Step 5:聽Confirm that you want to reset the settings by tapping Reset Network Settings.

Step 6:聽Wait for your iPhone to restart and this will reset all your network settings to factory defaults.

setting reset network

8 Use iOS Fix Tool

iMyFone iOS System recovery is a professional iOS repair tool that allows you to get your iPhone back to normal. This tool is compatible with all iOS versions and devices that use iOS. It is a great tool that helps you to solve all iPhone line update stuck issues, freezing of your iPhone, network issues, line crash, and any other issue that may hinder the normal use of your iPhone.

How to use the standard mode

Step 1: Launch iOS system recovery on your computer聽and connect your device using a compatible USB cable to the computer . On the main window, you will see three different modes聽and select the Standard Mode.

Step 2: Enter DFU/Recovery Mode with the on-screen instructions.

Step 3: Download the firmware. This will happen automatically as the app will detect your device and download the latest version of iOS for your device. Click Download to start the download process.

download firmware

Step 4: Click Start to Fix. This will fix your device and it will alert you once it is complete.

fixing ios issues

Try It FreeTry It Free

Part 2: Back up iPhone/iPad before Fixing Line Update Stuck

Before fixing any line update stuck issues on your iPhone, it is vital to back up your device. This will ensure that you do not lose any vital data like pictures, music, videos or important data during the process.

Backing up Line Data on iPhone via iCloud

Step 1:聽Click More.聽

Step 2:聽Click on Settings.聽

Step 3: Tap Chats.

Step 4: Click on Chat history back up.聽

Step 5:聽Click Back up now.


Backing up Chats as Text Files

Step 1: Select the chat you want to save and backup.聽聽

Step 2:聽Click on the V icon located at the top right-hand side of your screen.聽

Step 3:聽By touching the V icon, it will open Settings.

Step 4:聽Click Export chat history and select how you would like to send the file.


Backing up Line Data via iPhone Data Exporter

iMyFone D-Port iOS data exporter is an iOS app that allows you to export your data from your iPhone or iPad. It also allows you to back up the whole iOS device or a particular data types like WhatsApp, WeChat and messages.

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Main Features of iMyFone D-Port iOS Data Exporter

  1. Back up all data and settings.聽
  2. Back up only messages/WhatsApp/WeChat.聽
  3. Export data from iOS device.聽
  4. Preview data in backup files.聽
  5. Extract data from iTunes and iCloud backup files.

Pros & Cons of Using this Program


  • It allows you to export data easily and selectively, and solve iPhone line update stuck.
  • It is the most convenient way of exporting over 18 types of data聽from your iPhone.聽
  • It allows you to download data from iCloud backups with ease.
  • It also allows you to view and export data from iTunes backups.聽
  • It offers free trial version.


  • It is a third-party software聽that you must download to use it.

Export Line Data from iPhone as A Backup

You can also export Line data from your iPhone to your computer as a backup. This means that you can easily backup an entire conversation from you chats and use it later as a backup in case you need the whole conversation.

Step 1: Select Back Up and Export from Device. Before starting this process ensure that your iPhone is first detected by the program. Click Export Data.聽

export data from iOS device

Step 2:聽The different data types that are supported will be shown in various categories. Select the data you want to export like Line and then click Next. This will allow the software聽to scan and explore your device.

Choose the data type(s)

Step 3:聽Once the program聽has completed the scan, it will allow you to preview the data in detail and let you select the specific file. Click Export once you have selected the file. This will send the file to the computer.

preview and select the Line Messages and their attachments

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Make A Full iPhone Backup including Line Data

You can also make a full iPhone backup including line data to your computer for future use. The software聽allows you to back up specific file data or a full backup.

Make a Full Backup

Try It FreeTry It Free

Note: You can update D-Port to D-Port Pro to restore this full backup of your device.


If you have trouble fixing iPhone line update stuck, you can easily use the above ways to solve the problem. Do not let Line update problem聽to prevent you from using your iPhone. Feel free to leave your comments if you have other great ideas.

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