Kik chat rooms are not only a great feature of Kik but also a great way to meet like-minded individuals with whom to share great conversation. Kik chat rooms are also one of the first places that users go to see who is online. But Kik chat rooms only last as long as there are people to chat. Once everyone has left the chat room disappears. Here we will show you how and where to find the best chat rooms. This way, you can become part of the conversation before the room becomes obsolete.

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Tips for Finding Good Kik Chat Rooms

1 Join a Public Group

One of the best ways to find a chat room that may interest you is to join a public group. That’s because these groups are often based on interests and can be located from within the app itself. Use the search function to find public groups discussing something you might be interested in.

2 Use Social Networks

You can also find great Kik chat rooms using other social networks. For instance, certain Reddit groups will advertise Kik chat rooms. There are also Facebook, Twitter and Tumbler posts that will mention Kik chat rooms. You however have to get in as quickly as possible. If the mention was more than 48 hrs. ago, there is a chance the chat room doesn’t exist anymore.

3 Use Search Engine

A good old Google search might also help you land some great Kik chat rooms. You can use search terms like “Kik Chat” or Kik chat (whatever topic interests you) to find some great websites that lost Kik groups and then proceed to join the group chat.

Top 5 Kik Chat Rooms You May Like

The following are some Kik Chat rooms we think might be of interest to you.

step 1 Sports

If you are sports fan, this is a good way to connect with other fans of the sport and engage in meaningful conversation. Betting on the outcome of an ongoing game can be a fun way to pass time as you all watch the game.

step 2 Storytelling

For the creatives, out there, there are lots of Kik storytelling chat rooms for you to discuss what you reading, writing or just see if you can find an idea for you latest project. It is not uncommon for these chats to lead to a collaborative project.

step 3 Travel

Travelling for leisure or business? You might be able to find fellow travelers on Kik chat rooms ad even exchange ideas on how to save money on your next trip. It is also a lot of fun talking about the various places you visit.

step 4 Cities

There are also groups that are dedicated to a particular city. You can find like-minded individuals in your city and talk about everything from the problems facing the city to how to fix them or even the best places to visit.

step 5 Shopping

For those who love to shop, you can join the shopping Kik chat room where everything about shopping is discussed. You can get information about the best places to shop to the stores you should avoid and other shopping related information.