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How to Take Screenshots on iPhone X in iOS 11

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Francisco Spearman

September 15, 2017 (Updated: September 20, 2017锛

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Apple launched the much-awaited device, the iPhone X with iOS 11. Everyone who is using a smartphone understands the importance of capturing a screenshot. Apple provided a straightforward methodology on its devices to capture the contents on the screen.聽 All you ought to do is press both the side and home button at the same for about 8 seconds. However, the new iPhone X does not have the home button! So, how to take screenshots on iPhone X?

Part 1. Changes Occur When the Home Button Has Gone

Now that Apple removed the home button, it did introduce new changes as well. Most of it is in the form of user interface. For example, if you wish to head to the home page, you can quickly do so by swiping the screen from the bottom of the current display. You can perform multitasking by swiping the screen from above until the half of the screen. Although they are all new, you do need some time to get used to the changes made to the new device.

Part 2. How to Take Screenshots on iPhone X in iOS 11

With the new device and changes made by Apple, it has become difficult to take screenshots. Nonetheless, we give you the first-hand opportunity to take screenshots on your iPhone X running on iOS 11. Please follow the steps below:

  • Open an application, picture, or any other screen that you wish to capture
  • Ensure that everything is according to what you require
  • Now, hold the button existing to the right side of the iPhone X
  • At the same time, click the Up volume button (the Up volume button replaced the Home button that was present on previous models)
  • You will hear the sound of the camera shutter along with the screen flash, which means that you captured the screen that you required
  • take screenshot on iPhone X

    After taking the screenshot, you can use the markup features introduced in the iOS 11 to annotate and share it with others instantly.

    Part 3. Alternative Method to Take a Screenshot on iPhone X

    The alternative method to take screenshots on your iPhone X is as follows:

  • Click the Settings app on your new iPhone X device.
  • Gain access to the newly introduced Assistive touch feature under Accessibility option available from the General tab.
  • enable accessitive touch

  • Switch the Assistive Touch mode to "ON" condition.
  • The new features introduced in the iOS 11 edition will allow you to preview the screenshot on the screen. Use the edit button and mark up tools to make changes to the screenshot that you captured. You can also make changes using any other third-party application.
  • take screenshot


    If you wish to see the screenshots captured using the iOS 11 version on your iPhone X, then you have to use the Camera Roll and then scroll down to find the screenshot that you captured. You can tap the picture to view it and edit the same. You can then begin making changes to the image of the features offered by the operating system. After making the alterations, you can share the revised screenshot with friends, family members, and others using diverse methods.

    As you gained an insight into the procedure through which you can capture screenshots from your new iPhone X, make the necessary changes to the settings before you can begin saving the pictures.聽


    If you the guide helped you in achieving what you were looking for, please do forward to others so that they will benefit from the changes that the Apple made to the new device.

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