Are you an Instagram addict? Sometimes, it may so happen that someone ends up blocking you for some or the other reason. It might be that the photos or videos that you sent are boring or uninteresting. Whatever the case is, you may be looking to check if someone has blocked you. So here the question is: how to tell if someone blocked you on Instagram? Please read the useful tips below that you may never know.

Part 1. Find out if someone blocked you on Instagram

Here are some of the different ways which you can use to check if someone has blocked you.

1. Use unfollowgram

The preliminary step is to check the people who have unfollowed you in recent times.聽 Unfollowgram is a new feature that helps you understand who has recently unfollowed you. If you can follow the person who has unfollowed you, it means they haven’t blocked you or else it would signify that you have been blocked.


2. Mentioning the user on Instagram

Even when someone blocks you, they can still see your comment. So, mention the user who you think may have blocked you by using “@” before their username. Doing this will make them respond to you and it might clear your doubts.

mention the user on Instagram

3. Follow the suspect

If you suspect that someone has blocked you, you should merely try to follow them. If you feel that tapping the follow button does nothing, it hints that you may have been blocked by the person.

follow on instagram

These are some of the clear signs which can help you judge whether or not someone has blocked you.

Part 2. How to block someone on Instagram

Now, we will focus on the steps to help you actually block someone on Instagram. These simple steps will help you out.

  1. Head to the profile of the user who you want to block
  2. On the top right corner, you will find three little dots. Tap on them
  3. You will find a list of options on the bottom of your screen. Click on ‘block’ and then hit ‘confirm’ when you want to really block that user
  4. block someone on Instagram

That's it. Using these simple steps; you will be able to block anyone without any hassles whatsoever.

Part 3. How to unblock someone on Instagram

Once you are done blocking, you may also be willing to know the steps which will help you unblock someone too. Let us see that too.

  1. Visit the profile of the person you want to unblock
  2. On the top right corner, tap on the three dots
  3. In the option that is generated, click on ‘unblock’
  4. You will get a pop up message to confirm your action. Click on ‘unblock’ again
  5. unblock user on instagram


    So, these are the simple ways by which you can handle the blocking and unblocking feature in Instagram and even detect if someone has blocked you. Now that you know these steps, you can implement it as and how you want it.