As far as social media apps go, Instagram is by far one of the best. It works very well with few problems although sometimes it will display a "Couldn't refresh feed error", It happens a lot especially when users upgrade their iOS to the newest iOS 12/11.4/11.3/11.1 or iOS 11. On an app whose main feature is in being able to keep up to date with the latest feeds, this can be quite problematic. Sometimes the error message can appear when you’re not connected to the internet or when the connection you’re using isn’t good enough.

The solution, in this case, is as simple as connecting the device to a better Wi-Fi network. But what happens when you do that and you’re still unable to see the latest photos on the app? The following are just some of the solution’s that we’ve found working best in this situation. Try each one of them in -turn until you find one that works for you.

4 Methods to Fix "Couldn't Refresh Feed" Instagram Error

1. Check for Unwanted Symbols in Comments

Sometimes Instagram can fail to load the latest images if one of the comments contains unwanted character’s or symbols. One good example is comment with the check-mark symbol or an “x” symbol. In this case, you have to delete the comment to get the app to load to the photo. But you can only delete the comment from another browser like Safari or Chrome and then load the app again to see if the problem can refresh.

check instagram comments.jpg

2. Double Hash-Tag Comment

If someone comments on one of your posts and adds a double hashtag (##), this can also cause problems with the app’s operation and cause it to fail to refresh. Therefore, if this problem persists, check the comments on your feed for double hashtags and delete the comments before trying to refresh the feed again.

double hash tag comment.jpg

3. Upload a New Picture

We’re not sure why it works but it has been proven to work for users who have experienced this problem in the past. Simply upload a new photo and then try to refresh the feed. If it’s worked for others, it can work for you as well. You certainly don’t have anything to lose.

upload new picture instagram.jpg

4. Logout of Instagram on a Browser

Sometimes logging out of the app and then logging in can help. Except in this case, you want to do it on a browser and then login on the app on your device. Follow these simple steps to do it.

Step 1: Login to Instagram via a browser.

Step 2: Once logged in, go to your profile’s settings and log out.

Step 3: Now on your device, launch the app and then log in again.

This should eliminate the problem once and for all. Share with us what worked for you.

log out instagram.jpg

That’s all about how to fix Instagram “Couldn’t Refresh Feed” error on iPhone X, iPhone 8 (Plus). If this problem still exists, you can go to setting icon> "Report a Problem" > "Something Isn't Working" to report this problem on Instagram.