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How to Track a Cell Phone without Installing Software on Target Phone

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Francisco Spearman

July 27, 2018 (Updated: October 13, 2018锛

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In this day and age of technology, it is very easy to track on cell phone without installing software on the target phone. There are people who track others just for the fun of it; there are others who do it for a specific reason. Tracking is intruding on someone's life and should only be done when necessary and with discretion. By using track apps you can monitor your kid's phone activities, check on your workers and also find out what your partner is doing.

This article will give you more insight on how to use these applications.

Track Android Phone without Installing on Target Phone

TheTruthSpy is a monitoring software and service that helps you monitor the device's activities of your loved ones and workers.


  • You can use it to monitor your target device's contact info, call logs, messages, internet usage, social media activities, Facebook, WhatsApp and Viber but it can't monitor the emails.
  • It has a GPS location tracking system you can use to track the location of your target.
  • Its key logging feature gives you access to all the typed information from the target's device.
  • You can use the software to send SMS commands to perform a specific action and receive notifications.


  • It is a simple app to install.
  • You can use its multiple tracking features to be more effective in tracking on your target.
  • It has a 48 hours free trial offer that you can use to test the track app.


  • It can't monitor emails which is puts it at a disadvantage as other track apps have this capability.
  • Even after rooting the device some of the features did not seem to work like the GPS locator, picture history, Viber and Skype history.
  • Using the SMS command feature can alert the target of suspicious activity on their device.
  • It is a very expensive app compared to other track apps in the market.
  • Its poor customer service and refund policy makes customers opt for other alternative software.


It has three different price packages: standard, premium and gold. The standard package comes with limited features at 21.99$ a month, the premium package has high-end features for 25.99$ monthly and the gold package comes with all the features of the track app.

Benefits of Using Track Apps

  • It is easy to install most of these track apps.
  • You can track on cell phone without installing software on target phone without the risk of getting caught.
  • You can use this tracking app to monitor your target from a centralized location without having to follow your target.
  • They are very easy to use and reliable.
  • You are able to save on time and give you a good track experience.
  • You can contact the customer support in case of any complaint or inquiries.
  • Most websites come with a money-back guarantee in case there is a fault with the track app.

Everything has its pros and cons even track apps. Using track cell phone without installing software on target phone is effective if you know what you are doing to avoid getting caught. By using these track apps you are in a better position of getting all the information you need without alerting your target.

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