Building a network of connections can be hugely beneficial, especially in the business world. But, nowadays, it's only phone numbers that seem to get traded, which then limits you to text messages and phone calls. What about if you want to send out a lengthy email to your contacts?

Of course, you can transfer contacts across platforms, but you'll often encounter problems. So, we're going to teach you some ways to sync your iPhone contacts to Gmail.

1. Specific Steps to Sync iPhone Contacts to Gmail

If you merely want to have all of your iPhone contacts show up in your Gmail account, then here's exactly how to do it:

  • Hop into the Settings app on your iPhone, scroll down slightly and select 'Account & Passwords' if you use iOS 10.3 and later versions. For iOS 10.2 and earlier users, choose 'Mail, Contacts, Calendars'. Once you're in there, you want to hit 'Add Account'.
  • A new slide will pop up with a bunch of different platforms. As you're syncing to Gmail, you'll want to select 'Google'. It will then ask you to log into your Gmail.
  • You'll then be given a little toggle button asking whether you want to sync with 'Contacts', make sure that's on. Next, hit 'Keep on My iPhone', and that will prepare to sync all of your contacts and place them in the 'All Contacts' group of your Gmail.

sync iPhone contacts to Gmail

  • To actually commence the sync, go back to your iPhone Settings, find 'Fetch New Data' and make sure the toggle button is set to on.

2. How to Import Contacts from iPhone to Gmail

For those that want to import all of your contacts to your Gmail account, rather than syncing them, adopt this strategy:

  • Open up your iPhone Settings, and then select your Apple account which is displayed at the very top of the page. Once you're in there, go into your iCloud.
  • Make sure the toggle button for 'Contacts' is turned on, then jump onto your computer, head to the iCloud website and sign in.
  • Select 'Contacts', then choose which contacts you want to import. Once you've decided, hit the little settings symbol then click 'Export vCard...'

Export contacts as vCard

  • Go into your Gmail account and select 'Import Contacts' from the side menu. Hit 'Choose File', then find the file that you just downloaded from iCloud. All you need to do to finish is click 'Import', and you'll have all of your contacts on your Gmail profile.

3. How to Save Contacts to Google Drive from iPhone

There is an alternative way to move your iPhone contacts onto the Google platform, and that's to save them all into your Google Drive.

  • First, you'll want to enter the app store and download the Google Drive app onto your iPhone.
  • Once you've done that, open up the app, select 'Menu' and hit the 'Settings' icon.
  • When you're in settings, hit 'Backup' and then begin the process by tapping 'START BACKUP'.

save contacts to google drive from iPhone

Above are three solid techniques to transfer your iPhone contacts to Gmail. But, a much easier and more secure approach is to backup your iPhone on a computer. In this situation, we recommend utilizing the iMyFone D-Port software, which offers much more than just syncing contacts.

4. How to Save Contacts from iPhone to Computer

As an expert on backing up and exporting data on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch, iMyFone D-Port can do much more than save contacts from iPhone to computer. Here's what else it can do for iOS users to keep data safe:

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Key Features:

  • Allows you to select which iPhone contacts you want to back up from iOS devices.
  • Less restrictive – you don't need a Google account, network connection or any applications.
  • It can back up third-party application data from your iPhone for FREE, let alone that to back up all the data on iPhone.

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In case you go with our recommendation, we wanted to teach you how to use it properly. Here are some simple steps for you to follow:

1. Open up the software, make sure your device is connected and hit 'Back Up & Restore from Device'.

export data from iOS device

2. Then, select 'Export Data' and choose which data type you want to retrieve. In this scenario, it will be Contact.

Choose the data type(s)

3. Once the software has worked its magic, it'll provide you with a preview, then you can hand-pick what files you want to export.

preview iphone contacts

As you can see from this article, there are various ways to sync iPhone contacts with Gmail such as through iPhone settings, iCloud or with Google Drive. But, there is also a method that to keep your contacts safer is using iMyFone D-Port to backup your device to a computer.

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