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Top 10 Apple Pencil Apps 2018 — Make the Most of Apple Pencil on Your iPad Pro

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Melvin Cooper

May 15, 2018 (Updated: May 15, 2018锛

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One thing we can all agree about is that Apple is an innovative company. In an effort to make their iPad Pro and New iPad (6th聽Generation) even better to use, they introduced the Apple Pencil. The Apple Pencil is a really impressive tool for digital art, design, and note-taking. Although the Apple Pencil can offer you a lot of flexibility and power when you are using your device, you need to have the right Apps. This is why we have researched and written this article to help you figure out what the best apps for Apple Pencil are.

How to Use Apple Pencil on iPad Pro or the New iPad (6th Generation)?

If you have the best apps for Apple Pencil but you still don’t know how to use it, you won’t get any benefit from your apps or your Apple Pencil. Using this tool is quite simple. To get started, follow the following simple instructions.

Pairing the Apple Pencil with Your Device

pairing apple pencil with ipad pro

Before you pair the Pencil with the iPad Pro or 6th聽generation iPad, you won’t have the ability to use it. To pair it, you will need to remove its cap and use the Lightning connector to plug it into your device. A notification with a Pair button will appear. Tap the Pair button. There are a few things which can unpair your Apple Pencil. These are as follows:

  • Restarting your device.
  • If you turn on Airplane Mode.
  • If you pair the pencil with a different device.

Don’t worry, if you happen to unpair the Apple pencil, you can pair it again later using the instructions above.

Using聽Your Apple Pencil

The best apps for Apple Pencil will allow you to draw, markup, and write using the pencil. To sketch or make a drawing using the Notes App, follow these simple steps:

use apple pencil on ipad pro

Step #1: Open your Notes App.
Step #2: Tap the icon on the top-right corner. It looks like a pencil on paper.
Step #3: You should see an icon that looks like a pen (it’s the first one) at the bottom of your Notes App. If it is not there, Upgrade the Notes App. To make a sketch, tap the plus (+) icon and then Add Sketch.
Step #4: Sketch or draw. You can choose different colors to use and tools. An eraser is available for when you make mistakes.

Charging the Pencil

You can charge the pencil using the device Lightning connector. You can also use a combination of the Apple Pencil Charging Adapter and a USB Power Adapter. You can see the charge remaining in your pencil by checking your device Widgets view.

charging apple pencil

Replacing the Tip

If the tip gets damaged or worn out, you just need to unscrew it and screw in a new one. There is a spare tip in your Apple Pencil box and you can also purchase a new one.

replacing apple pencil tip

Top 10 Apps for Apple Pencil 2018

Affinity Photo

Although this App works great with older iPad models, it becomes even better to use when paired with a device that supports Apple Pencil. The app is built to allow professional workflow. It has cross-platform file compatibility and performance. If you love designing and digital art, this is your app.

best apple pencil app affinity photo

Procreate 4

When you add an App le Pencil to this already awesome App, you get to enjoy a great analog-like experience and fluidity. The App has already been considered to be a king of natural media apps on iPad. It will make all your sketches come to life.

best apple pencil app procreate 4

Adobe Comp CC

This is a great iPad Pro application to help you make creating mock-up designs and wireframing easy. The application is easy, fluid, and fast to use. By simply having the application in your iPad pro, you will increase your productivity as a designer.

best apple pencil app adobe comp cc

Adobe Photoshop Sketch

This app has natural media types which have been built into it. On top of these, it has the ability to push layered PSDs to your photoshop on both PC and Mac. The app allows you to add 3D plane grids and preset geometric shapes. All the tools in the app are pencil aware.

best apple pencil app adobe photoshop sketch


Pixelmator offers drawing tools which are sensitive to your Pencil. It also grants you the ability to tweak colors by applying filters. You also get to use sliders for contrast, brightness, saturation, white balance, and RGB. With the Pencil in play, you can easily do object isolation and touchups.

best apple pencil app pixelmator


This is a great note-taking app. The tool will allow you to use your Apple Pencil to diagram and draw. The tool will allow you to create Venn diagrams, org charts, graphs, duplicates shapes, and more.

paper app with apple pencil


This is a very rich application. It gives you the ability to record audio while you also sketch ideas for someone, maybe, your client. Although its tools might look simple, they are very effective. The Apple Pencil allows you to create more expressive lines given that it is more pressure sensitive.

best apple pencil app evernote


LiquidText allows you to annotate and read PDFs, PowerPoint, and Word documents. It supports active reading. What this means is that while you read you get to snip out and highlight sections for future reference. When you pair it with the Apple Pencil, it becomes faster to use. Simply dragging your pencil on it selects the text.

best apple pencil app liquidtext


This app will allow you to create 3D designs. You can easily use your pencil to create 2D designs and then extrude them. You can also use the 3D space. This is an important tool that allows you to get the initial concept down.

best apple pencil app umake


This application will allow you to take notes using your Apple Pencil pretty quickly. You can easily customize the paper style. It allows you to draw figures in a spacious and separate window. It also allows you to add these figures to graphics. Since it supports split view mode, you will have the ability to use it alongside other apps.

best apple pencil app notability


Using the Apple Pencil is as easy as we have outlined in the first section of this article. You won’t enjoy all the benefits that the Apple Pencil has to offer if you lack the right apps. We have also outlined the best apps for Apple Pencil. These apps will help you take notes and also, for art and design lovers, you will find apps to help you with your art and design. Put your Apple Pencil to maximum use by getting these apps.

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