There are several monitoring software available for spying on people's text conversations. Though it is not generally ethical to spy on people's personal conversations, there are some cases where such care needs to be taken, especially with parents and employers. In this present digital age, having a phone gives you access to basically anything, and this is scary for parents. Even though most try to find the balance between being an involved parent and giving your children privacy, it's still hard to just live off the hope that your child is doing the right thing. Employers also need a similar type of security as they can use company phones to monitor the activities of their employees to make sure they are pro-organization.

Note: It is important that the people you monitor are aware that they are being watched, as not informing them would be a breach of their privacy. Even if they delete messages they fear you would not approve of, that will not affect the information you get. Deleted messages only get erased on the phones, deleting will not affect third party spy software.

Here is a breakdown of the spy software available and their different functionalities.

Top 5 Software to Read Other People's Text Messages




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1. FlexiSpy 90% Available for 10 days $99 This app has been available for over 10 years and many people find it reliable. It has a list of unique benefits and they keep adding new ones. This app comes with a list of features useful in keeping track of what information is being sent out and received by your child or employee. It comes with a simplified dashboard where you can easily go to and access the information you are looking for. It lets you monitor messages, call and location.
2. Spyera 80% Available for 10 days $189 This app is a lot more expensive than the others. It comes with a list of useful features that are not offered on some of the most recommended applications. If you are ready to spend a bit more, then you can go with this app. With high pricing comes with higher expectations and Spyera delivers. It allows you to listen in on calls, records calls when you are not available to listen, read messages, read emails, and Spy call. Spy calls allow you to call into the phone so you can listen to what is going on in the environment including conversations. You can also record these conversations if you wish through Spycall recording. It can be used on several types of mobile devices and would only take a few minutes to download on the device.
3. WebWatcher 90% Available for 10 days $99.99 The WebWatcher application is good and reliable. They work with a yearly payment plan which comes at an affordable rate. You don't need to jailbreak the phone to use this app. WebWatcher helps you monitor messages, phone logs and can show you the images being taken by the phone, saved or sent out. It does not offer geo-location but you can access their web history (for android phones) and read their emails (if they use a BlackBerry).
4. SpyBubble 20% Available for 60 days $49.95 Many tech advisers do not recommend this product anymore, and neither do we.