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What Are the Biggest iOS 13 New Features and Functionalities?

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Aaron Donald

July 20, 2019 (Updated: July 20, 2019)• Filed to: iPhone Transfer

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Numerous blogs, review websites, and app developers are talking about how great iOS 13 would be, but many users don’t have a clue on the features that are coming with iOS 13 this fall. Therefore, we are going to be discussing the biggest iOS 13 features, while highlighting how these features will benefit you.

iOS 13

When will iOS 13 be Available?

The iOS 13 public beta is available now for download, alongside the developer preview, which was launched sometime last week. If you’re anxious to try the new iOS 13 features of the public beta, then we advise you do it on your second iOS device and not on your primary iPhone. The reason is simple; the public beta version has a history of coming with bugs and app incompatibility.

The official release of iOS 13 for consumers is expected to be in this autumn when Apple announces the next generation of iOS devices and macOS computer.

What Are the Biggest New Features You Will not Miss Out

Here, we’ll preview the top new iOS 13 features with clear images.

1 Dark Mode

The dark mode feature of iOS 13 is the most apparent visual change to iOS since the release of iOS 7. This new addition to iOS is real, completely black, system-wide and captivating, and all Apple default apps will get this feature – even notifications and dock.

It’s not confusing to us in any way why Apple Inc. chose to release the dark mode feature at a time like this. Its inclusion in iOS features is also not surprising as many iOS device users are clamoring for a dark mode just as they see on Android and Windows mobile devices. We believe you will love it because the implementation is great; the fields are well differentiated with dark grey here and there, and their-party app developers are already working to follow suit.

iOS 13 Dark Mode

2 Privacy & Security

“Sign In with Apple” is the summary of the iOS 13 feature called “Privacy and Security”. Sign in with Apple is a simple way to log in to websites and apps that respect your privacy. With this feature, you can use your Face ID to open accounts without giving away your sensitive information.

More so, in securing the Privacy of iOS 13 Apple device users, the Cupertino company has made it possible for you to choose to give your location data to an app or not. Apps that need location data must ask for permission to access Bluetooth and location services.

iOS 13 privacy & Security

3 Photos & Camera

iOS 13 photos and camera features will have the following improvements and functionalities:

  1. Portrait Lighting Control: You can create the look you want by adjusting the intensity of light on any portrait.
  2. High-Key Mono: Homochromatic effects can be added to portrait mode photos in iOS 13.
  3. New Photos Tab: You can view your best moments for every day, month and year on iOS 13.
  4. Powerful Video Editing and Redesigned Editing: iOS 13 Photos and Camera features also houses some other functionalities such as powerful video editing, and redesigned editing.
iOS 13 Photos & Camera


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4 Messages

Messages on iOS 13 will be getting profile pictures and display names, which would make it easier to share media files with other users. Some of the new functionalities in the Message app would include:

  1. Memoji can be used as profile pictures
  2. Siri will be able to read out your messages through the earpiece

However, we don’t know if this function will be available to third-party apps for Siri to read out messages from WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, etc.

iOS 13 Messages

5 Find My

The “Find My” app feature of iOS 13 is a combination of apps “Find My iPhone” and “Find My Friends”. Hence, these new services house them under the same app. The most important feature of the new app is that it can even locate devices that are offline by using the Bluetooth beacon.

Like as the previous Find My iPhone, in the new app, you can play an alert on a lost device to find it nearby, or make it as lost and lock it down remotely. Of course, if you don’t want anyone who finds your device can access your personal information, you can remotely erase the device.

iOS 13 Find My

6 Apple Maps

Apple Maps will also be revamped to have detailed map data (Look Around) that would make it comparable with Google street views. Apple achieved it by using thousands of LIDAR-equipped cars to collect the data. The new map features will be available only in the USA for the 2019 period and would go global in 2020.

In addition, one more important improvement is that you can share your ETA while using directions to navigate a location. By simply tapping the “Share ETA” button and it will continuously share your live ETA until you reach your destination.

iOS 13 Apple Maps ETA

7 Reminder

The Reminder app will take a whole new look come iOS 13 consumer version. It’s a new look that’s quite consistent with all other newly designed apps. There will be many filtering options such as Today, Scheduled, Flagged, etc.

The AI smarts will be integrated into the app. It will auto-suggest when you’d like to be reminded. In you like, it will remind you when you open up the Messages thread.


8 FaceTime Attention Correction

The FaceTime Attention Correction is one of the iOS 13 features that would thrill you. The most interesting feature is the ability to fix your gaze on the particular number you want to dial using Face ID sensors.

Using Face ID sensors on a compatible device, you will see where your attention is fixed so that you can adjust your eyes and make it look like you’re looking straight at the other person. However, this feature has requirements for the hardware. Only the iPhone X-series phone or new iPad Pro can support it.

FaceTime Attention Correction

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