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How to Recover iTunes Backup Password Easily

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Peter Davis

November 6, 2019 (Updated: November 6, 2019锛

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You tried to restore your iTunes encrypted backup, but you forget your iTunes backup password. In this situation it is impossible to extract data from iTunes backup. However, you will learn how to recover iTunes backup password after reading this article.

Part 1: About iTunes Encrypted Backup

The Encrypt iPhone backup feature in iTunes can lock your information. If you set a password to your iTunes backup, you need to enter a password every time you want to restore the information. In additional, there is clear information mentioned in Customer Support site of Apple about restoring iTunes encrypted backups: "There is no way to recover your information or turn off encrypt backup if you lose or forget the password." But what can you do if you forgot the iTunes backup password?

enter password

There are, without doubt, several methods or tools can be used to crack or recover iTunes backup password. They will be easy to use if you have sound knowledge about the hacking and decrypting technology.聽But if you are a novice of computer, you do not have to be panic when you face this situation. We will introduce 3 easy methods to you in this article to recover iTunes backup password.

Part 2: How to Recover iTunes Backup Password

When you search on Google, you can find many methods or tools which can be used to crack or recover iTunes backup password. We will not make a detailed introduction of them. On the contrary, we will tell you 3 easy ways to recover the backup password.

Method 1. Try all possible passwords

In order to retrieve and remember your password you must cool down yourself, don’t panic too much and don’t create too much hype. One of the biggest mistakes that people often done while recovering passwords is the hyper tension and anger. These two things will definitely destroy the retrieving process. Be calm, focused and well concentrated while remembering password. Don’t be frustrated and fell uncomfortable while doing brain storming to figure out the best and the possible password.

The password which a person will use have a definite link with his personality, achievement, love ones, abilities, like and dislikes, funny things, pet name and interests. Do brain storming as much as possible to find out the best possible password. Following are some effective techniques to figure out your password easily:

  • Use your Apple ID聽password or mobile unlock password.

  • Use common passwords like 12345, abcde, asdfg, ABCDEF etc.

  • Your highest achieved marks and professional achievement.

  • Your birthday or your love one’s birthday.

  • Your pet name or things like that.

  • Your nickname or your friends nickname.

try all possible passwords

Method 2. Recover iTunes Backup Password with Password Recovery Tool

If you are still unable to recover the iTunes backup password by doing brain storm and you want to keep all your data, you will need a password recovery tool. In this situation, we highly recommend iMyFone KeyGenius, which is designed for novice of computer. It can be used to recover iTunes backup password or remove encryption settings for you.

iMyFone KeyGenius

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Top features:

  • Recover password for iTunes backup in all scenarios.
  • Recover iTunes backup password with 100% success rate.
  • Only 3 steps to recover your iPhone backup password.
  • It supports all versions of iTunes and iOS devices.

Try It FreeTry It Free

Steps to Recover iTunes Backup Password using iMyFone KeyGenius:

iMyFone KeyGenius is an easy-to-use tool. By using this tool, your forgotten password will be recovered quickly. Begin by downloading and launching the program on your computer. In order to recover your iTunes backup password, please choose Unlock iTunes Backup on the main interface.

Step 1: After you choose Unlock iTunes Backup option, all backup files of your iOS device at iTunes will be listed on the screen. Choose one that you want to recover password for. If your backup file is not shown on the screen, you can click Select button to choose it manually.

select backup

Step 2: iMyFone KeyGenius offers 3 powerful attack mode for each user. You can choose one according to your need.

select unlocking type

Step 3: Tap Start to Unlock button to start the unlocking process. Only after a while, your iTunes backup password will be recovered and displayed on the screen. Now you can copy it and use it to unlock your iTunes backup file.

unlock successfully

Method 3. Recover iTunes Backup Password by Resetting iPhone/iPad

If you don’t want to include third party in this backup password recovery process considering security and secrecy of your information聽and data, this is another efficient solution for you. However, this method is only workable on iOS 11 or later version. Besides, by using this method, you still unable to restore the previous iTunes backup file. But you can create new iTunes backup without encryption from now on.

If you are sure to use this method, please check the steps below:

Step 1: In your iPhone/iPad, go to the Settings. Then selectGeneral.

Step 2: And then choose Reset option in the bottom of the screen.

Step 3: Select Reset All Settings聽option.

Step 4: If there is any screen password set by you, then, first of all, enter your screen unlock password to confirm resetting. After entering the password, it will start the process of resetting the device.

Step 5: When the reset device process is completed, you have to set up your iPhone聽settings.聽Now, connect your device with a personal computer.聽You can create a new backup without password.



This is human nature that he forgot things like passwords, names etc. You do not have to be panic if you forgot the iTunes backup password. After reading this article, you can choose one suitable and workable way for you.

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