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[Tested] Best Way to Recover iPhone Backup Password

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April 12, 2019 (Updated: April 23, 2019锛

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Backup refers to the process of storing up data to prevent loss. It also involves setting up systems that allow for easy data recovery as a result of data loss. Backing up files needs copying and storing data. You will always attach a password to when creating your iPhone backup. What if you forgot the password, and this is where iPhone backup password recovery comes in. Below are three ways to recover iPhone backup password.

Best Way to Recover iPhone Backup Password with KeyGenuis

In a situation where you lose your password, there is an available solution. And that's through the use of KeyGenuis. So what's KeyGenuis?

KeyGenius is one of the best iPhone Backup password recovery tools. It helps you access your files from encrypted backups without password. Also, KeyGenuis have the ability to remove the encryption on your iPhone.

KeyGenius is in the business of all-inclusive iPhone password recovery, which includes the following:

keygenius iphone backup unlocker

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  • Recovering iPhone backup password easily when you don鈥檛 remember yours.
  • Removing backup encryption settings and you can use a new backup password.
  • 3 powerful attack methods are provided when you have different password combination.
  • KeyGenius is highly effective for all versions of iTunes with 100% success guaranteed for every iPhone backup unlock.

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To recover iPhone backup password with KeyGenuis, use the following steps:

Step 1: Launch KeyGenius and choose "Unlock iTunes Backup" mode.


Step 2: Select the encrypted iTunes backup file from the list. Also, you can import it into this program from your computer.

Step 3: Choose the right attack method from the three. But ensure that it's in line with your recovery situation.


Step 4: Select "Start" to remove or recover the password from the encrypted backup files.


How to Recover iPhone Backup Password with Keychain on Mac?

It's normal for people to forget their passwords. After all, tech-savvy phone users forget theirs too. But Mac has made it easy to retrieve a lost or forgotten password safely. I'll show how to recover your lost iPhone backup password on with Keychain Access on Mac.

To locate your backup password in Keychain, follow the steps below:

  • Select Finder on your Mac. Click on "Applications鈥 and select 鈥淯tilities鈥. Next, Open the 鈥淜eychain Access鈥 app.
  • keychain access mac

  • After opening the application, tap the "All Items鈥 on the left area. In the search field, type 鈥渋Phone Backup鈥 and then click it twice from the result list.
  • If you can't find your iPhone Backup in the result list, which means the password isn't in the Keychain.

    keychain access mac

  • Then select the 鈥淪how Password鈥 checkbox.
  • keychain access mac

  • Type your Keychain password. It's your default Mac user. Next, select 鈥淎llow鈥.
  • keychain access mac

After doing that, the iPhone Backup password will be displayed.

How to Reset iPhone Backup Password?

If you want to protect your backup, you must remember the backup password to retrieve the contents of that backup. So if you can't remember the backup password and don't need to access the backup's contents, simply overwrite it with another backup:

  • On your iPhone device, click on Settings, select 鈥淕eneral鈥 and click 鈥淩eset鈥.
  • Click 鈥淩eset All Settings鈥 and type the iOS passcode. Click 鈥淓nter鈥.聽

iphone reset all settings

After resetting, you can only create a new encrypted backup of your iPhone by a new password.

Note: This method can only help you create a new encrypted backup without password, you can鈥檛 recover any of your old backups and the data they contain.


That鈥檚 all for iPhone backup password recovery, if you can recall your backup password, then it's easy. The best way to recover it is using KeyGenius to find it back. It鈥檚 easy to use and won鈥檛 affect the backup data. Hope the solutions in this guide helps you. If you have any thoughts, welcome to share with us.

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