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Top 3 Solutions When iTunes Asks an iPhone Backup Password

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March 14, 2019 (Updated: April 23, 2019)• Filed to: Unlock iTunes Backup

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If you cannot remember the iPhone backup password, restoring your encrypted data to your iPhone may appear impossible. However, it is actually possible. In this article, we will show you how to restore your encrypted backup without the iPhone backup password.

Common Scenarios When iTunes May Ask for the iPhone Backup Password

As we have already mentioned, when restoring encrypted backups, you will have to enter the iPhone backup password on iTunes. Apart from restoring backups, other scenarios when iTunes may request the iPhone backup password include:

  • When you are extracting various files from the encrypted iTunes backup.
  • When you are updating your iPad or iPhone operating system.
  • When you are changing the current iPhone backup password.

How to Unlock iPhone Backup without Password?

Nowadays, the average man or woman has numerous passwords that he/she has to keep track of. It is possible to forget some of these passwords. Maybe you have forgotten your iPhone backup password. With the right tool, restoring your iPhone backup without a password is possible. If you cannot remember your iPhone backup password, you can use iMyFone KeyGenius to unlock your iPhone backup.

KeyGenius is extremely easy to use. The tool does not require its users to have any technical knowledge. To unlock your backup without a password, you will only need to follow 3 simple steps. KeyGenius is also flexible. The tool will allow you to pause the recovery process and then resume it later.

Some key features that KeyGenius users enjoy:

keygenius iphone backup unlocker

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  • The tool makes it extremely easy for users to unlock iPhone backups without the password.
  • It will make it possible for you to create new backups without a password by removing the encryption settings.
  • KeyGenius has 3 powerful attack methods which ensure 100% decryption rate.
  • You won’t need any technical knowledge to use KeyGenius. To unlock your iTunes backup is only 3 simple steps away.

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Check the easy steps to unlock your iPhone backup without password:

Step 1: After launching KeyGenius, select “Unlock iTunes Backup” tab.


Step 2: Select the backup you intend to unlock. You can either select the encrypted backup file from the list or import it into KeyGenius if your backup is not found.

Step 3: From the 3 attack methods available, select the ideal method depending on your situation.


Step 4: Tap Start to recover your password from your encrypted backup files.


How to Reset iPhone Backup Password in iTunes?

To use this solution, you will need to follow the steps we have outlined below.

  • Launch iTunes on your computer and then connect your iPhone to the computer using a USB cable. Click the iPhone icon when it appears on the top-left corner. In the Summary screen under Backups, click “Change Password…”.
  • A popup window should appear on iTunes. Enter your old password. Next, create a new password and verify it by entering it for a second time.
  • Finally, click Change Password. iTunes should reset your iPhone backup password.

itunes change backup password

Limitations: It is worth noting that this solution will not work if you have already forgotten your old iPhone backup password. The solution requires you to enter your previous password before creating a new password. Hence, if you cannot recall your old iPhone backup password, creating a new password won’t be possible.

How to Reset iPhone Backup Password on iPhone?

To reset the iPhone backup password on iPhone, you will need to follow the steps we have outlined below. It is worth noting that the steps outlined below will help you reset your backup password if your iPhone is running on iOS 11 and above.

  • On your iPhone, launch Settings > General > Reset.
  • Click Reset All Settings. Next, enter your iPhone passcode.
  • Follow the onscreen steps to reset your Settings. This will not affect your passwords and user data. However, it will reset your iPhone settings such as Home screen layout, wallpaper, and display brightness. Additionally, it will remove the encrypted backup password.
  • Connect your iDevice to iTunes if you would like to create a new encrypted backup without a password.

iphone reset all settings

Limitations: Even after resetting your password, using your previous encrypted backups will be impossible. You will only be able to create a new backup for your current data and also create a new iPhone backup password

To Conclude:

If currently, you are dealing with an encrypted backup whose password you cannot recall, KeyGenius can help eliminate all the stress you are may be going through. KeyGenius has 3 main attack methods. This guarantees you 100% backup decryption without a password. We have taken all necessary measures to ensure that KeyGenius is 100% safe. The tool won’t bring a virus to your system or damage your backup files. We have made KeyGenius extremely easy to use. You won’t need any technical knowledge to use the tool. You will only need to follow 3 extremely simple steps to decrypt your backup files without a password.

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