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Free iTunes Backup Password Recovery Tools – Tested and Effective

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Kevin Walker

July 17, 2019 (Updated: July 18, 2019)

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"HELP! Yesterday, I wanted to back up my iPhone but I couldnt because of forgotten password. iPhone has a default setting for each of its functions to add a password to retrieve a backup. One cannot remember passwords all the time. In this situation, I wanted to recover the encrypted iTunes backup password to use my backup."

This article is going to introduce free iTunes backup password recovery tools. Keep on reading to save yourself from the trouble of forgotten passwords.

Free Trial of Professional iTunes Backup Password Recovery Tool: iMyFone KeyGenius

iMyFone KeyGenius iTunes backup password unlocker is designed especially to decrypt iPhone backup password. This software will help in disabling backup encryption settings of the iOS device and allows you to change the password or create a new backup without any passwords. It is not necessary if you know the password or not, because the iMyFone KeyGenius will not need it and can recover your iTunes backuppassword with high success rate. By using it, you will get rid of the password while creating new backups.

iMyFone KeyGenius

1,000,000+ Downloads

Key Features of iMyFone KeyGenius

  • Recover iTunes backup password whthout damage to backup data.
  • 100% high success rate in recovering iTunes backup password.
  • Offer 3 attack options to unlock encrypted iPhone backup password: Dictionary attack, Brute – force with mask attack, and Brute-force attack.
  • Support all versions of iTunes and iOS devices and decode password for iTunesbackup in all scenarios.
  • Pause to save the unlocking progress and recover iTunes backup password at any time.

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How to Bypass Encrypted iPhone Backup Password with iMyFone KeyGenius

The password recovery process with iMyFone KeyGenius is really simple. This tool is a perfect toolkit for beginners too. If you are stuck with the encrypted backup passwords, you can follow the given steps to decode the backup password. This tool enables you to create new backups too by resetting the old lost password.

Step 1. Select the Option

Launch iMyFone KeyGenius on a computer and choose the "Unlock iTunes Backup" option on main menu.

select itunes backup unlock mode

Step 2. Choose a Backup

You will see all the backup files of your iPhone at the default iTunes location. There will be a list of it. You have to choose one and select the "Next" button.

select itunes backup


You can check the percentage of each backup from the "Unlock Status". There you can continue unlocking process in case the backup does not start by itself. Or you can do it manually from the computer.

Step 3. Choose Unlocking Method

iMyFone KeyGenius offers three powerful attach methods to encrypt iPhone backup password. You can choose any one of them.

Method 1. Dictionary Attack
If you think that the lost password is one of the most commonly used passwords, this method will look for all possible combinations to find the right password.

Note: Download the dictionary to help in quick successful unlocking.

Method 2. Brute - Force with Mask Attack

This method is useful when you remember half of your passwords such as characters, length, a few letters, prefix, suffix, or any other information.

Note: It works faster when you provide more information regarding passwords.

Method 3. Brute - Force Attack

This method is suitable when you know nothing about your password. It will unlock the password itself but take a lot of extra time than the other methods.

select unlocking method

Step 4. Unlocking of iTunes Backup Password

Click "Start to Unlock" tab. KeyGenius will start the unlocking of the password. It will take time which is dependent on the complexity of the password, IOS version, and computer configuration. Just wait for some time and in case you want to pause it, the progress will be auto-saved.

unlocking itunes backup

Free iTunes Backup Password Recovery Tool: iTunes

To protect your iPhone's backup in iTunes, a password is usually used. The build-in encrypt backup feature in iTunes can lock and encode your data. It contains your saved passwords, Wi-Fi settings, website history, and other important data. iTunes cant encrypt your back up until enquired. You have to give a password protected encrypt option to do it for the first time.

How to Make a New Encrypted Backup by Resetting the Password

To restore an encrypted iPhone backup, you will need a password. Follow the below steps in iOS 11 or later to encrypt iPhone backup password by making a new one.

Step 1. Choose "Settings" from the device and go to "General" and then reset option.

Step 2. After entering the password of your device, choose the "Reset all settings" option.

Reset all settings

Step 3. Follow the given steps and the password for the encrypted backup files will be removed.

Step 4. This process will not delete any of your personal data but it will reset the personal brightness and other device settings.

Step 5. Connect your iPhone with iTunes again and then encrypt iPhone backup password again.

Free iTunes backup password recovery tool


Previous encrypted backups will be gone, but you can back up or set a new password by using iTunes.

Those having iOS 10 or earlier, can't reset the passwords. They can follow the below steps:

  • Ask about the password if someone else set it.
  • If you have an older iTunes backup, try to use it.
  • Use iCloud backup. If you dont have one, you can create it.

Free iTunes Backup Password Recovery Tool: KeyChain Access

Keychain Access, A macOS app, can save your account information and passwords. It remembers passwords so that you should not worry. When you put and save passwords on an E-mail account, a website, or any network server, the keychain saves it.

KeyChain Access

Step 1.On your Mac device, go to "Application". Then select Utilities. Finally, click on Keychain Access.

Free iTunes backup password recovery tool- KeyChain

Step 2. Select the button "All items". In the upper search field, type iPhone and check for an iPhone backup named keychain item.

Free iTunes backup password recovery tool- KeyChain

Step 3. Double-click on the iPhone backup. There will be a new window, click on the "Show password" checkbox. It will require keychain password, enter it. Click on "Allow".

Free iTunes backup password recovery tool- KeyChain

Step 4. After completion, you will see your iPhone backup password in the window.

Free iTunes backup password recovery tool- KeyChain


To ensure that passwords and other data stored in your keychain are secure, make sure to set up a login password for your computer.


You have read three methods of recovering iTunes backup password, but the easiest and effective one is using iMyFone KeyGenius. It is quicker, efficient, and require no password in encrypting iPhones backup password. The tool is available for a free trial. You can download iMyFone KeyGenius free trial to test unlocking iPhone backup password .

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