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[2019] Fix “iTunes Could Not Restore iPhone Because the Password was Incorrect”

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May 5, 2019 (Updated: May 5, 2019)

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For iPhone users, it is an habit to back up the iPhone data to one’s personal computer using iTunes, this is to ensure that their information and documents are safe; while doing this one is usually required to set a password for the back up to make it inaccessible for third party individuals as long as they do not possess the password. This process may be referred to as encrypting the iTunes back up which makes it even more secure.
In cases where one could not remember the password of the backup and got an error “iTunes could not restore iPhone because the password was incorrect” and it is urgent for the individual to restore the backup file to either same or another device, what then needs to be done? We will help you out in this article. Read on to know more.

iTunes could not restore iPhone because the password was incorrect

1. Decrypt iPhone Backup Password and Restore iPhone

Well, in the event where "iTunes could not restore iPhone because the password was incorrect", since these passwords are encrypted, it is best to decrypt them using some powerful software, then restore your iPhone easily. As regards the decryption of the iPhone backup password, the best app to use is iMyFone KeyGenius.

iMyFone KeyGenius is the best and reliable solution to restoring your iPhone when iTunes could not restore iPhone because of incorrect password. KeyGenius is a tool that was designed to help iPhone users to easily and quickly decrypt their iTunes backup. The KeyGenius guarantees a 100% decryption rate by virtue of its 3 powerful attack methods which helps to either recover the iPhone backup password or simply decrypt the backup without a password thereby making your files or data conveniently accessible.

Features of KeyGenius to Decrypt iPhone Backup:

keygenius iphone backup unlocker

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  • KeyGenius makes it completely convenient and easy to unlock iPhone backup without password.
  • Due to its three powerful attack methods, 100% success rate is guaranteed.
  • It also enables iPhone users to create new backups without using a password via its decryption feature, that is, KeyGenius deactivates the encryption settings.
  • KeyGenius supports all versions of iTunes, as such irrespective of the version of one’s iOS devices.

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Using KeyGenius to decrypt iPhone backup, one may follow the steps below:

Step 1: Download and install KeyGenius. Then run it and choose “Unlock iTunes backup” on the home interface.


Step 2: Click on the backup data whose password one wants to unlock.

Note: The Unlock Status shows the completion percentage of each backup, and you can continue the last unlocking process on any finished one.

keygenius select backup

Step 3: Since there are three attack methods, simply select the attack type that suits your situation.


Step 4: Finally, click ‘Start to Unlock’ to begin the unlocking process of the iPhone backup password, then wait till the process is completed.


After your password is recovered, simply use it to restore your iPhone backup on iTunes.

2. Reset iPhone Backup Settings and Create New Backups

The second means of restoring your iPhone backup password in case "iTunes could not restore iPhone because the password was incorrect" is the reset feature. This simply means one can reset iPhone backup password while creating a new encrypted password and the steps will follow below.

Note: It is noteworthy to mention that after resetting the iPhone backup password, the old backup whose password had been forgotten will still be inaccessible and as such after the resetting has been done, only the new backup created will become accessible.

Step 1: Reset iPhone Backup Settings

  • Go to settings app, launch it, click on ‘General’ and then tap ‘Reset’.
  • Click “Reset All Settings”. If a password is requested, simply enter the phone’s unlocking password and your settings will be reset.

iphone reset all settings

Step 2: Create New Encrypted Backup

  • Connect the iPhone to a computer via a USB cable and launch iTunes.
  • Device should be selected on the top left corner, click ‘Summary’. Then click ‘Encrypt iPhone backup’ and enter a new backup password you can easily recall.
  • Wait patiently for the backup process to be completed.

itunes change backup password

3. Backup with iCloud as an Alternative

The third and final procedure to use when “iTunes could not restore iPhone because the password was incorrect” is using an iCloud backup to restore the iPhone backup password. Backing up and restoring data using the iCloud is easy and there is no need for any special tool. Backing up data to iCloud can be done anytime and at any place so far there is internet access.

The iCloud backup can simply be done on the phone following the steps below:

  • Launch ‘Settings’ on your iPhone.
  • Click ‘Username’ in the settings.
  • Locate ‘iCloud’, click ‘iCloud Backup’ and tap on the option ‘Back up Now’ to begin the backup process.
  • icloud backup

In order to restore your data after backup on iCloud, follow these steps:

  • Once one is sure that all data has been backed up, reset the iPhone using the ‘Settings’ app.
  • Go to "General>Reset>Reset All Content and Settings". Please note that this operation will erase all data.
  • Upon restarting device, locate the ‘App and Data’ function, thereafter, click the ‘Restore from iCloud’ option.
  • Finally, sign in to iCloud using your personal Apple ID and password. Thereafter, select your desired backup and upon selection, the restoring process will start, and then wait patiently for the process to be completed.
  • icloud backup restore

Limitations: There is a limited free storage capacity of just 5GB using iCloud and it attracts a monthly payment.

To Conclude

The significance of encrypting one’s backup data or files on iTunes cannot be overemphasized. But what should you do when the password is forgotten or an error “iTunes could not restore iPhone because the password was incorrect” appears? Surely there is need to access these information in iTunes backup. The KeyGenius app is the best choice which is affordable and ensures a 100% success rate, other methods mentioned in this article are likewise useful but their limitations make them less attractive. Why not trying KeyGenius for free now!

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