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iTunes Restore Password Incorrect? Fix It Now – 100% Working!

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May 15, 2019 (Updated: May 15, 2019)• Filed to: Unlock iTunes Backup

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Users of iTunes can get iTunes backup encrypted. This is to ensure that without the use of passwords, data can't be accessed by unauthorized individuals. The problem is that once you forget the password, restoring the backup becomes an issue. This post will be revealing everything that needs to be known about iTunes restore password incorrect issue.

What Is iTunes Restore Password?

Just as explained above, it is possible for the local backups of iTunes to be encrypted. These passwords may be specific or unique to every backup. When someone has such password, it becomes possible for the iTunes data to be explored. These are the passwords which iTunes always requests for backup to be restored.

What to Do When iTunes Restore Password Incorrect?

It can be very frustrating to find out that you can't cannot restore your iPhone because the password is incorrect. The good part is that you need a reliable tool like iMyFone KeyGenius that can help you get the correct password.

iMyFone KeyGenius has been able to stand out amongst other iPhone backup unlocker. It is a tool that has been able to help lots of iOS users in the past to decrypt iTunes backup in a very effective way. Some of its advanced features are:

iMyFone KeyGenius

1,000,000+ Downloads

Key Features:

  • Advanced and sophisticated algorithm to help ensure complete decryption of iTunes backup.
  • It is highly flexible. Decryption of iTunes backup password can be easily achieved through the various options that it provides.
  • CPU Acceleration is supported. This performs efficiently thereby ensuring that your problems are solved in a timely manner.
  • Allow you to remove iTunes restore password from your iPhone to create backup without password.

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Steps to Recover iTunes Restore Password

First, you need to get the application (iMyFone KeyGenius) launched on your system.  

Step 1. Select the option which says "Unlock iTunes Backup". After that, choose the files that you would want to get unlocked from the list which you will be shown.

select itunes backup

Step 2. The attack methods will be shown to you. These are dictionary attack, mask attack, and force attack. Your choice will depend on the situation.

select unlocking method

Step 3. After some minutes, the password will be recovered by iMyFone KeyGenius which you can make use of in getting iPhone backup restored.

unlocking itunes backup

unlock itunes backup successfully

Remove the iTunes Restore Password to Create Backup without Password

When there is an iTunes restore password on your iPhone, the backup you created with iTunes will be automatically encrypted. To avoid this happens, you can remove the iTunes restore password from your iPhone. iMyFone KeyGenius is capable to help you with this.

Try It FreeTry It Free

Step 1. Launch iMyFone KeyGenius and select "Remove Backup Encryption Settings" option.

remove iphone backup encryption settings

Step 2. Then select the "Remove without Password" option, and click on "Start" button to begin the process.

select removing method

Step 3. It will take about 3 seconds to remove the password!

remove backup encryption settings successfully

This only removes the password from your iPhone, none of your data and settings will be erased during this process.

You can also Reset All Settings (on iOS 11 and above) or Erase All Content and settings (on iOS 10 and below) to remove the password. Obviously, you'll lose the settings or data after this:

For iOS 11 and above:

Tap on Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings.


For iOS 10 and below:

Tap on Settings app > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings


Tips to Avoid Forgetting Password

To most people using various iOS devices, there is always the problem of not being able to remember passwords at important instances. In case you seem to be amongst such persons, there is no doubt that you must be wondering how to overcome such a challenge. Below are some tips that can help you avoid the problem of forgetting your password:

  • Having the same password for different websites. This ensures that you don't have to rack your brains each time just to remember your password for a given site
  • You can have a file where passwords are stored after registering on a given website
  • You can make use of 1Password for this purpose. It comes with a free version that can help you save passwords.

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