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How to Remove iTunes Backup Password?

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April 23, 2019 (Updated: April 23, 2019锛

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Are you tired of the onerous task of inputting your iTunes password every time you need to access your backed-up files? Then you should reconsider to remove iTunes backup password and then back up again without passwords.

Remove iTunes Backup Encryption without Password?

If you find it difficult to remember your iPhone backup encryption password every time, then iMyFone KeyGenius is an effective solution. iMyFone KeyGenuis is the best method for removing backup encryption without changing the original settings or losing the data on your iOS device. iMyFone KeyGenuis has key features that would make backup encryption removal easy for you. Its features include:

keygenius iphone backup unlocker

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  • With iMyFone KeyGenuis, you can easily remove iTunes backup password in fast 5 seconds which makes it the fastest tool for backup encryption removal without password.
  • It also helps you recover iPhone backup encryption without password, so that you no longer have to worry about forgetting or losing your password.
  • iMyFone KeyGenuis has 3 powerful attack method to ensure 100% decryption rate which makes it the best tool for iOS decryption.
  • Even more amazing is the fact that it does not require any technical knowledge of decoding or scripting.

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If you lose your backup encryptions password, there鈥檚 no need to worry when iMyFone KeyGenuis is there to remove iTunes backup password for you with simple steps:

Step 1: Download and launch iMyFone KeyGenius, then connect your iPhone to your PC.

Step 2: On the home screen of iMyFone KeyGenuis, click 鈥淩emove Backup Encryption Settings.鈥


Step 3: On the next page. choose 鈥淩emove without password鈥.

keygenius turn off iphone backup encryption

Step 4: The backup password will be removed after few seconds.

keygenius turn off iphone backup encryption

Remove iTunes Backup Encryption with Password?

The iOS device encourages and promotes security, its tight security framework accounts for backup encryption with passwords which allows you to save important data f and prevent it from getting into the hands of prying eye. iTunes is designed to automatically provide encrypted iPhone backups once you check the box. If you forget or lose your password, it is impossible to remove the encryption. It almost impossible to uncheck the 鈥淓ncrypt iPhone Backup鈥 without a password as well. However, this method will only work if you still remember your password. You can remove iTunes backup password on iTunes itself with these few steps:

  • Connect your iOS device to your PC with a USB cable and start your iTunes .
  • Select your iOS device icon in iTunes and select the summary tab.
  • Under the 鈥淏ackup鈥 icon, uncheck 鈥淓ncrypt iPhone backup鈥 option.
  • Enter your password to confirm the encryption removal.

itunes change backup password

Use iCloud Backup as an Alternative

If you lose or forgot your iTunes encryption password repeatedly, then it is best to remove the backup password. There are also some other ways to avoid this and one of them is using iCloud as your backup instead. An iCloud backup will back up your iPhone data automatically once you turn on the feature. There is no need to input a password for the backup. However, the con is that it has only 5GB free storage, if you want more storage, you will have to pay a monthly fee.

You can use iCloud backup by following these steps:

  • Connect your iOS device to a wi-fi network.
  • Go to Settings > [Your Name] > iCloud > iCloud Backup.
  • Tap 鈥淏ackup Now鈥.
  • icloud backup

    Note: You can check your backup by tapping Settings > iCloud> Manage Storage > Backups.

How to Recover iTunes Backup Password If You Forgot Yours?

If you cannot remember your encryption password, then it becomes difficult to work with password encrypted data. with iMyFone KeyGenius, you can successfully retrieve your password without hassle. These steps will help you:

Step 1: Open iMyFone KeyGenius and click 鈥淯nlock iTunes Backup鈥 on the home page.


Step 2: The result will show all backed-up files at iTunes default locations.

select itunes backup

Note: If you cannot find the backup, click 鈥淪elect鈥 to pick the backup folder manually from your PC.

Step 3: Choose from these 3 powerful unlocking methods.


Step 4: Wait for few minutes and your password will unlock successfully you can open txt where it is saved or copy it directly.


Undoubtedly, iMyFone KeyGenius is a genius toll designed to ease your backup encryption process and give you a better experience with your iOS device. It not only removes iTunes backup password in seconds, but also helps you find back any iTunes encryption password with 100% success rate. Download it now and have a free trial!

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