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How to Unlock iPhone Backup Password?

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April 4, 2019 (Updated: April 23, 2019锛

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Encrypting your iTunes backup makes it more secure. Unless someone has your encryption password, accessing your personal data will be impossible. It is not uncommon for iPhone owners to forget their backup password. When this happens, any iDevice owner would want to know if there is a way to unlock iPhone backup password.

While it might appear as if it is impossible to unlock iPhone password, it is actually possible. In this article, we will focus on showing you how to unlock iPhone backup password. Read on to learn the top solutions you can use when you cannot recall your backup encryption password.

How to Unlock iPhone Backup without Password?

The best solution that you can use to unlock iPhone backup password is known as iMyFone KeyGenius. This is the only solution that guarantees you 100% success rate. KeyGenius features 3 powerful attack methods. These attack methods can help you either get your iPhone backup password or decrypt your backup without a password.

KeyGenius will help you find back your iPhone backup password irrespective of the version of iTunes you are currently using. The tool supports all iTunes versions, including iTunes 12.9. KeyGenius works for different situations. Some of these situations include:

  • If iTunes asks you to enter a password that you can鈥檛 recall creating.
  • If iTunes fails to accept the correct password.
  • If changing the iTunes backup password becomes impossible.
  • If you cannot set the iTunes backup password.
  • iTunes does have some bugs. The above situations are often a result of the bugs.

    The key features that KeyGenius users get to enjoy include:

    keygenius iphone backup unlocker

    1,000,000+ Downloads

    • It will make it extremely easy for you to unlock iPhone backup password.
    • It will make it possible for you to create new backups without a password by removing the encryption settings.
    • Its 3 powerful attack methods guarantee you 100% success rate.
    • By using removing encryption settings feature, you should be able to create new backups without a password.

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    To use KeyGenius to unlock iPhone backup password, follow the steps below:

    Step 1: Open the tool and choose "Unlock iTunes Backup".


    Step 2: Select the backup file whose password you would like to unlock.

    Step 3: Select the perfect attack type depending on your situation.


    Step 4: Tap 鈥淪tart鈥 to unlock the iPhone backup password and kindly wait for it to finish.


    How to Unlock iPhone Backup with Password on Windows/Mac

    1. On Windows:

    The best way to unlock iPhone backup password is to use the third-party tool described above. However, if you do have some spare time, you can try the following methods to see if one of them can help you unlock iPhone backup password.

    • Try the iTunes Store password. This is the most commonly used encryption password.
    • Try the 4-digit code you use to unlock your iPhone screen.
    • Try the default password 12345 or 0000.
    • Try using your Windows Administrator password.

    itunes change backup password

    2. On Mac:

    If you do own a Mac, you can try Keychain Access. The Keychain Access is a password manager built into your Mac OS X. It saves a wide range of passwords. If when resetting your iTunes backup password you did select 鈥淩emember this password in my Keychain鈥 there is a very high likelihood that you can find the password in Keychain Access.

    To locate your backup password in Keychain, follow the steps below:

    • Fire up your Mac computer and visit Finder > Applications > Utilities > Keychain Access.
    • keychain access mac

    • On the top-right corner of the Keychain Access window, click the search box and type 鈥渋Phone backup鈥. In the search results which appear, locate 鈥渋Phone Backup鈥 and double-click it.
    • keychain access mac

    • Scroll to the bottom of the dialog box that appears and then select 鈥淪how password鈥. Next, save changes.
    • keychain access mac

    • On the popup Window that appears, enter your administrator password to allow the operation. This should give you access to your iTunes backup password.
    • keychain access mac

    Note: If none of the methods outlined above work for you, you can use KeyGenius which guarantees you a 100% success rate.

    Reset iPhone Backup Password and Create a New Encrypted Backup

    If you want to reset your iPhone Settings and create a new encrypted backup with a new password, here is an easy way. It is important to note that even after resetting your iDevice, you still won鈥檛 have the ability to use the old backup whose password you cannot recall. You will only have the ability to use the new backup you create after resetting the settings.

    1. Reset iPhone backup Settings

    • On your iPhone, locate the Settings app and launch it. Tap on General and then click Reset.
    • Click Reset All Settings. If prompted for a passcode, enter the passcode you use to unlock your iDevice. This will reset your settings. 聽

    iphone reset all settings

    2. Create a New Encrypted Backup

    • Connect your iPhone to your computer via a USB cable and launch iTunes.
    • Select your iDevice on the top-left corner and then click Summary. Under Backups, choose 鈥淓ncrypt [device] backup鈥. your iDevice. This will reset your settings. 聽
    • Create a password that you can recall and then allow the backup process to finish.


    If you cannot recall your iPhone backup password, you can use the solutions outlined above. The only solution that guarantees you 100% success rate is KeyGenius. The solution can help you either recover your password or decrypt your iTunes backup without the password. KeyGenius will help you deal with iTunes bugs which may make the Apple service fail to accept the correct password or even ask for a password that you never created.

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