Best Solution for Can’t Sync Music to iPhone 8/8 Plus

Have you at any time found it difficult to sync your favorite music in iTunes to your new iPhone 8/8 Plus? No worries! One simple solution in this piece will show you how to sync your music to iPhone quickly.
Why can’t sync your music to iPhone? Simply put, Apple wants to be in control. In fact, it is they will go any length to control how you interface with your iPhone.
iTunes Can't Sync Music to iPhone

Does iTunes a Good Tool for Syncing Music to iPhone?

Never! There are problems you will face when using iTunes to sync music to iPhone. Though, we are not to taking credit away from iTunes as some iPhone users use it for this purpose; however, iTunes only performs a one-way synchronization and may not be suitable for you if you want two-way synchronization.

Thus, any songs found on your iPhone that are not back up on your iTunes or computer will be deleted. This is why it is never a good option for syncing your music to iPhone.

Common Errors of “Can't Sync Music to iPhone” when Syncing with iTunes

There are some errors that you may encounter when syncing with iTunes. One of them is the inability of your computer to contact the Apple update server. Also, your device or security software may block the connection to the Apple servers. When this happens, you will see error codes appearing on your screen.

Another error you may encounter occurs when USB connection is interrupted during syncing. You may see error code 54 on your screen when this happens.

Main iTunes Limitations Lead to “Can't Sync Music to iPhone”

As indispensable as iTunes is to some users, there are limitations they daily grapple with.

  • iTunes is bloated with music and features, and this makes it hard when syncing to iPhone. Those features get in the way and prevent smooth syncing.
  • The lack of support for many media formats - It becomes difficult syncing as you have to convert the files for unsupported formats.
  • iTunes makes it difficult to export media directly to your iPhone. With this, your favorite songs may remain put on iTunes.

Therefore, you will need a reliable solution to fix “Can't Sync Music to iPhone”, and that solution is iMyFone TunesMate, a third-party software with the ability to sync or transfer songs from iTunes to iPhone seamlessly.

This software is above any limitations iTunes has. In fact, it goes beyond iTunes music syncing to iPhone by including photos and video transfer from iPhone/iTunes to the computer and vice visa.

iMyFone TunesMate iPhone Transfer

tunesmate iphone transfer

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Key Features:

  • Rebuild iTunes Library: TunesMate can rebuild/repair iTunes library in order to get back your music. With this, you can always access your favorite songs.
  • 2-Way Synchronization: You can sync music back and forth with TunesMate. This means you can sync songs to your iPhone/computer or from iPhone to iTunes. This is unlike one-way synchronization that iTunes has.
  • Preview and Select: TunesMate also gives you an opportunity to preview and choose the particular songs you need without syncing all songs at the same time.
  • No Need to Erase iPhone: Syncing with TunesMate will not cause you to erase your iPhone data.
  • Support Free and Paid Music: TunesMate supports free and paid music in iTunes.

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Steps to Sync iTunes Music to iPhone without Opening iTunes

Step 1. Install TunesMate to your computer. Run Tunesmate. Mark "Trust" button as trusted.
Step 2. Launch TunesMate and go to the menu. Click the tab “Transfer iTunes Media to iDevice”.
Fix iTunes Can't Sync Music to iPhone
Step 3. Preview and choose music to sync and click “Transfer”.
Sync iTunes Music to iPhone

Tips to Fix iTunes Can't Sync Music to iPhone

Tip 1. Check the space you have left on your iPhone and clean up to get more space.

Tip 2. Go to iTunes library and check your music to sync.

Tip 3. Ensure the location of your music in iTunes is properly pointed

Tip 4. Ensure you download latest iTunes update to sync music.

Tip 5. Select all music you want to sync and add them to playlist before actual syncing.

Tip 6. Use third-party software like iMyfone TunesMate to sync music.

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