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[Solved] Can’t Transfer Music from iTunes to iPhone X”

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Aaron Donald

January 10, 2018 (Updated: January 10, 2018)• Filed to: iTunes Issues

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Failing to transfer music from iTunes to iPhone X is a common issue for iOS users. It’s sometime not easy to fix as there is no error messages and Apple doesn’t provide fixes. It turns out that you may try for a long times but you still cannot get the issue fixed.

If you want to save time when fixing “can’t transfer music from iTunes to iPhone”, you would rather use the alternative way here:

The Alternative Way to Fix "Can't Transfer Music from iTunes to iPhone X"

One of the reasons why you cannot add music to iPhone from iTunes is because your sync settings on iTunes have been interrupted. This can be as a result of bad configuration. Using an alternative to iTunes which is iMyFone iPhone Transfer as a means of sending music to iPhone will prevent all the problems and errors of iTunes.

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Why iMyFone Is Better Than iTunes:

  • No Data Loss: It won’t delete existing files when you sync from iTunes, even from different iTunes libraries.
  • Two-Way Transfer: It allows you to freely transfer files between iPhone and computer, between iPhone and iTunes library.
  • Purchases & Non-Purchases: No matter how you transfer, it allows both purchased and non-purchased files.
  • Manage Playlists: You can edit your playlists and music in them like to import, export, add, delete, rename, move, etc.
  • Full File Compatibility: It supports almost all media files, like music, movie, playlists, photos, albums, podcasts, audiobooks, etc.

How to Transfer Music from iTunes to iPhone X without iTunes

Simply download iMyFone iPhone Transfer and follow the process explained below to fix the problem of “cannot add music to iPhone from iTunes”.

Step 1. Link your iPhone to computer and open the iMyFone software. When it recognizes your iPhone, choose “Transfer iTunes Media to iDevice” from the home interface.

TunesMate screenshot

Step 2. It will start to scan your iTunes library and your iPhone. After it finishes, it will show you the files which are in the iTunes library but not on your iPhone. Ensure that you have checked the box close to “Music“ when you notice the pop up of a new screen. You can hit “Transfer”.

TunesMate screenshot

Lots of professional software sites give iMyFone iPhone Transfer a test and generate the using reviews, like,,, etc.

TunesMate Review

6 Tips to Fix "Can't Add Music to iPhone X from iTunes"

But if you still want to troubleshoot your iTunes, here are some tips that may help.

1. Check Available Space on Your iPhone

You need to ensure that your iPhone has enough space that can accommodate received music files. Simply check your space by locating the settings below. You will be able to view the remaining space to decide if it is enough or if you will like to free some space.

  • For iOS 11 and later: Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage.
  • For the version before iOS 11: Go to Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage.

2. Put off “iCloud Music Library”

If your iCloud Music library is on, it has the tendency of affecting syncing which can result to the problem of “can’t copy music to iPhone”. You can simply put it off by going to Settings > Music and unchecking the box next to “iCloud Music Library”.

iCloud Music Library

3. Ensure the Music is Chosen

If you fail to select any music, it will not sync. You can select any music by clicking music in iTunes and confirm that the box close to “Entire Music library” under the “Sync Music “is checked.

iCloud Music Library

4. Keep iTunes Updated

Most solution can depend on iTunes update. Visit the Help section and click “Check for updates” to ensure that iTunes is updated. You can allow your computer to download newer versions if your current version is out of date.

iTunes updates

Or you may need to completely uninstall iTunes and its related components from your computer and download the latest iTunes.

5. Replace USB cable

Sometimes, we might be hoping that the problem is software related meanwhile, the problem can be a hardware issue. Simply check that the USB you are using is not damaged. You cannot trust a cable simply because it charges your iPhone’s battery as there is still tendency of failure of data transfer. Simply replace the cable with another one in order to determine the source of problem.

6. Check the Location of Your Songs

The problem can be as a result of inability of iTunes to locate songs on your computer without notifying you. Simply visit your iTunes library and ensure that the songs are located in the right place in your computer’s directory.

Here is the right place where iTunes store music:

  • Mac: Go to Go > Home > Music > iTunes.
  • Windows 7 or later: Open C:\Users\username\My Music\iTunes\.

All these methods are helpful however; you can opt in for the easiest means to fix "can't get iTunes music on iPhone X".

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