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Convert iTunes Songs to MP3 Just in One Minute

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August 31, 2017 (Updated: September 7, 2018)• Filed to: iTunes Issues

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For so long, many of those who frequent iTunes to purchase music simply do not know how to convert iTunes songs to Mp3 though they wish to do so. Are you one of them? You would do well to set yourself apart right now by implementing the solution we are going to show you.

How to Convert iTunes Songs to Mp3

First, one way to convert iTunes songs to Mp 3 is using iTunes itself. Follow the steps below for quick conversion.

Step 1. Start by opening iTunes
Step 2. Go to Preferences and click.
Step 3. From the menu, choose General
Step 4. Locate Import Settings and click.
Step 5. Once the window opens, choose the first drop down menu and select mp3.
Step 6. Return to your music and right click on the music you want to convert to mp3.
Step 7. The conversions will start.
convert itunes songs to mp3

The iPhone Music Format Issue

Many iPhone users are aware that the device is not compatible with some music formats and this can pose a problem when one needs to convert iTunes music. If your music cannot play on your iPhone, it might be that the format is not supported. What needs to be done is to use file formats that are supported by iPhone to play music.

Below are some of the supported music file formats for iPhone.

  • AAC
  • MP3
  • AIFF.
  • ACC Protected (MP4 from iTunes Store)
  • MP3 VBR.
  • Audible formats 2-4
  • WAV
  • Apple Lossless.

With these formats, you can convert your music to iPhone and enjoy. However, these formats may not be on your iPhone but others that are not supported, making it hard for you to enjoy your music. What can you do to address this?

We highly recommend iMyFone TunesMate to easily convert your iTunes music without going through any the above formats. When you use TunesMate, your iTunes songs transfer to iPhone will be automatically converted to the formats that are supported by iPhone.

TunesMate acts as a powerful music manager for iPhone. It helps address the problems iTunes user face when transferring or converting music from iTunes to iPhone.

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Key features of TuneMate

  • Sync 100% Completed: Syncing between iTunes and iPhone will be 100% completed and done right without any data loss. Besides, there is no limit to the number of iTunes library you can sync.
  • Two-Way Sync: TunesMate provides a two-way synchronization between iTunes and iPhone. This is not what can be seen in similar software.
  • Keep Original iPhone Data: Your original iPhone data will not be lost as you sync from iTunes to iPhone or from iPhone to iTunes.
  • Support Free and Paid Music: TunesMate supports all free music or paid music on iTunes.
  • Direct Transfer: TunesMate can also help to directly transfer your music to iPhone from PC/USB/Gopro/Android phones, and more.

Steps of Using TunesMate to Convert iTunes Songs

To use TunesMate to safely transfer or sync your music files from iTunes to iPhone and PC, there are just a few steps to follow.
Step 1: After installation, open TunesMate.
Step 2: Locate, " transfer iTunes media to idevice"

transfer itunes songs to iphone
Step 3: Choose file and start transferring. Your iTunes Music will be automatically converted to the supported format.
transfer itunes songs

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