[Fixed] Why iPhone Could not Be Restored: Error 3194

When Will iTunes Error 3194 Issue Happens

The iPhone could not be restored error 3194 issue is a common problem. You will see this problem when you restore your iPhone and other devices that run iTunes. It is caused by a failure to communicate with Apple's servers. The system is not 100 percent instantaneous. Older devices can show the error more frequently. In this article, you'll learn three effective ways to fix this issue. 

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Common Fixes for This Restore Problem

There are three effective solutions to the error 3194 restore problem. The solutions depend on the device you use, the programs you run, and the OS.

1 Firewall and Security Conflicts

The simplest way to overcome iTunes error 3194 issue is to temporarily disable your firewall and security program:

Step 1: Select the Start button, and open Windows Defender Security Center.

Step 2: Click on Firewall & network protection, choose a network profile

Step 3: Under Windows Firewall, turn it off.


You then try a restore with your iTunes. If the restore succeeds with no error messages then, restart your firewall and security program.

2 Host File Updates

The most common reason that you will see an iTunes error 3194 message is a conflict between your present host files and the host files that the new version of iTunes needs to download and work properly.The problem originates when you use a tool that forces iTunes to connect to other servers besides those approved by Apple. The problem does not appear until there is a new update or you need to restore.

The procedure is different for Mac and Windows. You should turn off iTunes first.

For Mac

Step 1: Launch Terminal and enter: sudo nano /private/etc/hosts.

Step 2: Enter password to get access to your Mac.

Step 3: Look for any entry that says gs.apple.com. This is what is causing the problem.


Step 4: Adding a # symbol and a space at the beginning of the entry.

Step 5: Save the changes and restart your Mac.

For Windows

You can refer to Microsoft support site to check your hosts file. Resetting the hosts file and restart your system. Or you can just watch the following video to solve iTunes error 3194 issue in Window 10/8/7.

3 Identify Connectivity Issue

The iTunes error 3194 message may be accompanied by other information. If the message just simply pops up for no known reason you are most likely experiencing a connectivity issue. You can try again later to update from the server or try an update on a different device and download from that device.

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