Fix: iPhone Not Showing up in iTunes Issue on Windows 10/8/7

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Why is my iPhone not showing up in iTunes after updating to the latest iTunes 12.7, how can I fix it?

-One iPhone X user complained on Apple forum

A lot of users face iPhone not showing up in iTunes issue, particularly on Windows 10. This issue can be really annoying because without detection in iTunes, you cannot manage or sync your iPhone files with your computer. Fortunately, this problem can be solved. There are a number of solutions available to fix this problem.

7 Solutions to Fix "iPhone Not Showing up in iTunes" on Windows 10/8/7

Following are some effective fixes to fix iPhone not showing up in iTunes:

#1 Fix Via a Professional Tool - iMyFone TunesFix

iMyFone TunesFix has been designed to fix various iTunes issues, including iPhone not showing up in iTunes problem. You need to simply install this software on your computer and launch it. It will automatically scan iTunes upon launch and will tell you if there is a problem with it. You can then simply use its ‘Repair’ feature to quickly fix the problem. In case no issue is detected, you can use its manual repairing modes one by one until you have fixed your iTunes.

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TunesFix home interface

Following are some key features of TunesFix:

  • Fix iPhone detection issues in iTunes within a few simple steps.
  • Quickly scan and fix various iTunes-related problems.
  • Boost iTunes performance by cleaning up its temporary/junk files and related unnecessary data.
  • Uninstall iTunes and its related components completely with a single click.
  • Free up space on your computer by erasing backup files created via iTunes.


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#2 Reinstall Apple Mobile Device USB Driver on Windows 10/8/7

Sometimes, Apple Mobile Device USB driver is the reason why iPhone not showing up in iTunes on Windows 10. The solution to this problem is to simply reinstall that driver. Reinstalling the driver is a straightforward process.

Follow these instructions:

  1. Unplug your iPhone from the computer.
  2. Then plug it again, if iTunes opens upon connection, close it.
  3. Now press Windows and R key in order to open ‘Run’ command on your Windows PC.


  1. Enter %ProgramFiles%\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\Drivers in the ‘Run’ window and then click OK.
  2. Now find usbaapl.inf or usbaapl64.inf file in the next window, right-click on it and then select ‘Install’.


  1. Once it is reinstalled, unplug your iPhone from the computer and then restart the computer.
  2. After the computer is restarted, connect your iPhone and launch iTunes to see if the problem is solved.

#3 Restart Apple Mobile Device Service on Windows 10/8/7

Apple Mobile Device Service is a service that gets installed automatically when you install iTunes on your Windows PC. This specific service is responsible for iPhone/iPad not showing up in iTunes issue, among other things. You can find it in the ‘Services’ tool on your computer. Restarting this service can fix the iPhone detection issue.
Follow these instructions:

  1. Open Control Panel on your Windows PC and find and select ‘Uninstall a program’.
  2. Now check whether Apple Mobile Device Support is listed among installed programs. If it is not listed, then it is recommended that you reinstall iTunes.


  1. After that, press Windows and R key to open ‘Run’ command and type ‘services.msc’ and then press Enter.
  2. In the ‘Services’ app of Windows, find and double-click on Apple Mobile Device Service.
  3. Stop this service by clicking the ‘Stop’ button.
  4. Once it is stopped, click ‘Start’ button to restart the service.
  5. Restart the computer.


#4 Other Fixes You Can Try for "iPhone not Showing up in iTunes" Issue

1. Trust the Computer

This is a basic setting most iPhone users often forget about. When you connect your iPhone to your computer, it asks whether to Trust the computer it is connected to. You need to unlock the iPhone and then tap the ‘Trust’ button. If you select the other option, your iPhone won’t get detected on your computer or show up in iTunes .


2. Check the Connection

You can check the connection (hardware issues) to see that everything is working as expected.
Follow these steps to check for issues:

  1. Plug your iPhone to another computer (Mac or Windows PC) and see if it works without issues. If it doesn’t, then the problem might be in your iPhone.
  2. Try a different lightning cable while connecting your iPhone to your PC.
  3. Use the same lightning cable with another iPhone to check whether the cable is okay.
  4. Try a different USB port on your computer when connecting your iPhone.

3. Restart iOS Device and Windows PC

Sometimes a simple restart/reboot of iOS device and PC fixes the problem. Unplug your iDevice and restart it via power/sleep button. Also restart your PC and when both are restarted, connect your iDevice to your computer and see if the problem persists.

4. Reinstall iTunes to Bypass "iPhone not showing up in iTunes 12"

Reinstalling iTunes is a solution that works in some situations. It is recommended that you install the latest version of iTunes after completely uninstalling it. To completely uninstall, use iMyFone TunesFix. After that, download the latest version of iTunes form Apple’s website and install it by following on-screen instructions.

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