3 Fast & Free Methods to Fix iTunes Error 45 Issue

Mostly, iTunes Error 45 happens when you try to update the firmware of your iPhone.  A lot of iPhone users faced this problem and reported to Apple. People ever don’t understand why they are suffering from this error message. Here are the common reasons why you are getting this message.

  • The first reason is your iTunes version. If you have an older iTunes version, try updating it to the latest and try again.
  • The second reason is damaged firmware. If your iPhone has a damaged firmware, you may get this error.
  • Another cause of error 45 is some applications or programs that may disturb the updating process by interfacing it.
  • How to Fix iTunes Error 45

    If you are getting iTunes error 45 on your iPhone, don’t worry about it. We will tell you how you can fix this error in some simple steps.

    iTunes Error 45 Fix - Update Drivers

    The first process to get rid of iTunes error message 45 is updating your device drivers. If your computer has outdated drivers for your device, you may get this error message. If you have an older version of your device drivers, you can update them, and it will surely work for you. Here is how to update drivers:


    Step 1: Click on Start button and choose Device Manager.

    Step 2: Find one of the drivers and right click on it, then select Update Driver.

    iTunes Error 45 Fix - Update Your System

    Another thing you can do it to update your computer system. It doesn’t look an effective way, but older and outdated drivers may cause inconvenience while updating iTunes or restoring. You can get updates for your Mac/Windows officially. Here is how to update your System:

    For Mac


    Step 1: Click on Apple menu and choose Software Update

    Step 2: The Mac App Store will launch, here you’ll see the available OS X, then click on Update.

    Step 3: It will download the system, after the download finished, a pop up window will ask you to restart you computer. Click on Restart.

    Step 4: Then it will update automatically.

    For Windows


    Step 1: Select the Start button, and then go to Settings > Update & security > Windows Update.

    Step 2: Select Check for updates. In Windows 10, downloading and installing updates is automatic and will happen immediately after checking.

    iTunes Error 45 Fix - Update iTunes

    If the previous method didn’t work for you or your system’s drivers are up to date, you can try this technique. In this process, you will have to update the iTunes to its latest version on your computer. To do this job,


    Step 1: Open iTunes on your computer.

    Step 2: Click on Help and then choose Check for Updates.

    Step 3: If there is a new version available, a pop up window will appear. Click on Download iTunes.

    Step 4: Then, just follow the instruction it shows to update your iTunes to the latest version.

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    How to Sync iTunes Media to iPhone

    Step 1: Open iMyFone TunesMate on your computer and connect your iPhone to it using a USB cable.

    Step 2: Now click on Transfer iTunes Media to iDevice, it will scan your iTunes library and show the media files which are not in your iPhone in a list.


    Step 3: Choose the media files you want to transfer.


    Step 4: Then click on Transfer button which is located on the bottom right corner.