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How to Authorize iTunes without a Password

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September 6, 2017 (Updated: August 27, 2020锛

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To many, iTunes serves as a hub for music, videos, movies, even including apps and to prevent or curb unlicensed sharing of purchased content Apple Inc. tend to restrict the number of devices with iTunes linked to one Apple ID. This is because most content is wrapped around digital rights management (DRM). If you authorize iTunes on another computer, it allows the owner to play content that you have purchased.

Many iTunes features require the authorization of each and every device connected through the use of the apple ID. However, only a maximum of five devices can be allowed per any given time and this becomes a great problem to those who have more than five gadgets. This brings the need of wanting to know how to authorize iTunes without a password.

Authorizing Songs on iTunes without a Password

Authorization of iTunes enables one to enjoy purchased songs in different devices or computers without having to pay for it twice. Apple software is however very restrictive and authorizing songs on iTunes without a password is impossible.

However, with a third party device manager like iMyFone TunesMate, you can authorize iTunes without having to worry much about the restrictions. This becomes possible with TunesMate because it has a feature that enables sharing purchased music with various Apple IDs without any password.

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Steps to Get iTunes Song whthout Password

Step 1. Run TunesMate and connect your different device or even your friend鈥檚 device.
Step 2. Tap on 鈥淩ebuild iTunes Library鈥 with music from your different devices.
Step 3. After it finishes apply 鈥淭ransfer iTunes media to iDevice鈥.
Authorizing Songs on iTunes without a Password

This process is the same as authorizing iTunes without a password since you will be able to enjoy all your paid music in different devices or enjoy your friend鈥檚 paid music without any limit or restriction.

Deauthorizing an Old User on iTunes without Their Apple ID

Having iTunes with an old user is very nagging because music automatically syncs via cloud and people might be having very different music taste preferences. Is there a way of deauthorizing an old user without their apple id from any device? Yes, deauthorizing audible iTunes account without password is possible, by following the outlined steps below

Step 1. Launch iTunes and go to Store
Step 2. Tap on view account in the menus
Step 3. An apple ID summary will be provided and you can see computer authorizations and an option to deauthorize all
Step 4. Click on the deauthorize all and the old user will be deauthorized without their apple id
Step 5. You can reauthorize any of your computers with your desired apple id since you have the password

Deauthorizing an Old User on iTunes

How to Deauthorize Old or Used Computers without a Password or Apple ID

People upgrade their PCs or macs very regularly. With the change, iTunes will require an authorization on each and every device after the upgrade. Many users forget to deauthorize their old devices of which they might not be having access to anymore which leads to the 5 devices limit being hit. This makes it impossible to authorize any other device. However, there is a way of deauthorizing used computers without a password and below are the steps

Step 1. Launch iTunes and click on your name in the toolbar
Step 2. Select on the account info on the drawdown menus that pops up
Step 3. After the account info is displayed locate the item labeled computer authorizations
Step 4. Next to the computer authorization label is the deauthorize all option and if you click on this all the devices previously linked to that apple id will be deauthorized without a passcode necessarily.
Step 5. The deauthorize all option is however used only once per year so you should choose wisely when to use the option

Other Issues That You Might be Interested In

There is no perfect solution to authorize your computer without a password. Apple takes this issue with so much weight and has devised very strict restrictions to ensure that sharing of purchased content is as straight forward and honest as possible. Such restrictions include:

  • You can only authorize up to a maximum of 5 devices
  • iTunes can be authorized only from the specific computer and no place else, for instance, you cannot authorize iTunes from one PC through another PC
  • Deathorisation on all devices can only be done once per year thus ensuring people are not misusing this loophole to authorize and deauthorize any device any time they feel like it. This, however, can be bent by contacting apple and request them to deauthorize your devices and once verified they disconnect your devices

To ensure no problems and hustle with authorizing iTunes just ensure that you keep your apple id or password very safe and always remember to deauthorize iTunes on all of your old PCs before recycling them or giving them away. But when you encounter any problem with your apple id and feel any need to authorize iTunes songs without a password you can try the solutions provided in the roundup.

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