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7 Methods to Fix “iTunes Add to Device Not Working”

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Tata Davis

October 25, 2017 (Updated: April 2, 2018锛

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iTunes is the home of Apple music and provides endless entertainment. It is among the best in the class of music players. As an application, it is also used to sync music, photos, videos, contacts, calendars and even device backups you made previously using iTunes to iDevices. If your iTunes add to device is not working, continue reading on as this piece looks at various fixes and solutions on the same.

iTunes add to music not working? Well, if you are a dedicated iTunes user this is a common problem that you can encounter at any time during use. This issue is experienced or common after an iOS upgrade on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. Follow this guide to have a try to fixing your problem.

1 Check on the Available Space on Your Device

Sometimes iTunes add to device not working may be due to the lack of enough space. When transferring music and HD videos the files might take up more space and ones full then you will not be able to add music to your device. To check your phones space available space open Settings > General > iPhone Storage. If storage is the problem, then clean up some of the files you do not need any more to create space for new songs.

2 Update iTunes Software

iTunes add music to device not working may be due to minor software problems. The iTunes version in use may be causing all the issues, and an update may fix the problem. To update iTunes for your windows PC open iTunes and go to iTunes and tap Help > Check for Updates. For Mac open iTunes > Check for Updates. If updating iTunes does not fix the problem, uninstall iTunes completely and do a clean install.

check update itunes

3 Check the Location of the Songs You Want to Add to Your iDevice

iTunes add music to device not working may also result from iTunes not locating the specific files you want to add because maybe you had moved or deleted them earlier. It rarely indicates the missing files until you select them. To fix this problem double check whether the files you want to your device is in the same location as when it was added to the library.

4 Uncheck iCloud Music Library to Fix 鈥渋Tunes Add to Device Not Working鈥

At times when the iCloud music library is turned on it might corrupt your iTunes library. Also, when it is on it blocks one from manually syncing music or other files from iTunes to your phone which is the main reason why adding music to your iPhone may not be working. To turn it off, go to Settings on iPhone > Music > uncheck iCloud Music Library.

enable icloud music library

5 Restart Both Your iDevice and Computer

If your iTunes still can not add to music, turn off both your iPhone and Mac/PC and then relaunch iTunes and repeat the process of adding files to your device again.

restart iphone

6 Disable iTunes match to Fix 鈥渋Tunes Add to Device Not Working鈥

Just like when iCloud music library is on iTunes match also prevents adding music manually to your iDevice. Go to Settings > Music in your iPhone, and disable the iTunes match option.

disable iTunes match

7 Using iTunes Alternative to Solve Add music to iDevice not Working

If your iTunes add to device is not working, the best and most recommended solution is the use of iMyFone TunesMate iPhone Transfer. This third party is highly spoken of by users and also reviewers. It has specifically been designed you to help an iPhone user freely transfer media files between iPhone and iTunes very easily and with no restrictions. It is also able to transfer unlimited iTunes libraries to unlimited number of iDevices.

tunesmate iphone transfer

1,000,000+ Downloads

Key Features:

  • 2-way transfer - one can easily drag and drop media files from a computer to iDevice and vice versa freely with no restrictions which makes it a very flexible application.
  • No need to have iTunes - this app independently manages files on any iPhone and can even help you copy and share iTunes libraries between your iPhone and friends鈥 libraries without even opening iTunes, thus a convenient utility for enriching your libraries.
  • Sync data without erasing old data 鈥 TunesMate seamlessly adds iTunes media content without replacing the old files on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. It also has the capability of rebuilding corrupted libraries.
  • Bypasses iTunes restrictions and unknown iTunes errors 鈥 iTunes is known to have loads of limitations and hidden bugs that may limit iTunes add to device feature not work as it should. TunesMate, however, overcomes all those issues and makes it easy to enrich your libraries.

Try It FreeTry It Free

Using steps of iMyFone TunesMate iPhone Transfer

Step 1: Download and launch iTunes on your Mac or PC.

Step 2: Connect your device to computer and wait for TunesMate to detect it.

Step 3: Click on "Transfer iTunes Media to iDevice" from the Home interface and a list of all the files on your iTunes will be displayed.
one click to Transfer iTunes Media to iDevice

Step 4: Click "Transfer" button to begin the transfer process. The files are then automatically transferred to iPhone without even having to open iTunes.
restart iphone

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