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Fix iTunes Error 3259 – Here are the Easiest Ways!

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Kevin Walker

January 17, 2018 (Updated: November 24, 2018锛

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There are many variations in 鈥渋Tunes Network Connection Timed Out鈥, but the most named is 鈥榠Tunes Error -3259鈥. This error mostly occurs when downloading or updating an app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch via iTunes Store. Once Error -3259 pops up, you鈥檒l find out that you are unable to complete the download. Learn what to do to stop this error message from reoccurring in the following paragraphs.

The Symptoms and Reasons for iTunes Error -3259

How do you know that you are experiencing iTunes error -3259? The answer is simple 鈥 iTunes will get to notify you. Hence, we鈥檝e listed some common iTunes notifications when error -3259 occurred:

  1. 鈥渋Tunes could not connect to the App Store. An unknown error occurred (error 3259). Make sure your network connection is active and try again鈥
  2. 鈥淭here was an error downloading your music (error 3259)鈥
  3. 鈥淐annot connect to iTunes Store. An unknown error has occurred鈥

On the other hand, the major reason for iTunes Error -3259 is due to problems with iTunes download center. Another reason for this error is 鈥榠ncorrect settings in Windows OS鈥.

How to Fix iTunes Error 3259

From the above, it鈥檚 evident that these iTunes notifications concerning Error -3259 are not helpful. Therefore, we shall be giving you some tips that would help you to fix iTunes error -3259.

#1. Update Your iTunes to the Latest Version

When last did you update your iTunes? If you鈥檝e not recently updated your iTunes, then using an obsolete version of iTunes may be the cause of Error 3259. Here is how to update your iTunes to the latest version:

Step 1: Launch iTunes.
Step 2: Go to the menu bar and click Help > Check for Updates.
Step 3: Follow the easy prompts to install the latest version of iTunes.

update itunes

#2. Uninstall and Re-install iTunes

If updating to the latest version of iTunes did not stop the Error -3259 notification, then uninstalling iTunes and re-installing its latest version can help to solve the iTunes Error 3259 you are facing. The steps listed below are of two parts: the first part deals with how to uninstall iTunes, while the second part handles how to install the latest version of iTunes.

Uninstalling iTunes: Go to your Windows鈥 Control Panel and uninstall iTunes with the following components in this order:

  1. iTunes,
  2. Apple Software Update,
  3. Apple Mobile Device Support,
  4. Bonjour,
  5. Apple Application Support 32-bit,
  6. Apple Application Support 64-bit.

uninstall itunes

Check to know whether iTunes installed two versions of any of the programs. If it did, do uninstall all of them before restarting your PC.

Installing Latest Version of iTunes: Download and install the latest version of iTunes for PC here. Try downloading your songs again with iTunes to see if the iTunes Error 3259 persists.

#3. Allow iTunes in Your Windows Firewall

When Windows Firewall is enabled, it prevents iTunes from accessing network connection unless iTunes is listed as an exception. Here is how to allow iTunes in Windows Firewall:

Step 1: Press the Windows key, and click on the Search icon and in the search field enter 鈥渇irewall.cpl.
Step 2: click 鈥渇irewall.cpl鈥 > 鈥淎llow an app or feature through Windows Firewall鈥 > 鈥淐hange Settings鈥.
Step 3: Check to see if iTunes is selected for both private and public network, and Bonjour selected for the private network only.
Step 4: If iTunes and Bonjour are not listed, then go to C:/Program Files/iTunes/ or C:/Program Files/Bonjour/ for iTunes and Bonjour respectively. Then open the files, and click 鈥淎dd鈥 in the Add an app window.
Step 5: Once they have been added, you can now click OK on the Allowed app window.
Step 6: iTunes is now allowed, and you can close the Windows Firewall.

allow itunes in Windows firewall

#4. Disable Windows Firewall and Antivirus

Oftentimes, disabling your Windows firewall and Antivirus would help to cease the iTunes Error 3259 that follows. Here are steps to disabling Windows firewalls and Antivirus:

Step 1: Open your Window鈥檚 Control Panel, and click System and Security > Windows Firewall.
Step 2: Disable Windows Firewall by clicking 鈥淭urn Windows Firewall off鈥.
Step 3: Click 鈥淥K鈥.

Turn Windows Firewall off

You can enable your antivirus when iTunes is running well again.

The Best Alternative of iTunes 鈥 iMyFone TunesMate

If all the solutions listed above does not solve iTunes Error 3259, then there is one solution that won鈥檛 fail 鈥 iMyFone TunesMate . This iPhone transfer tool can freely transfer your media files between iPhone and computer/iTunes. It can also sync iTunes library, rebuild damaged and corrupt library, and transfer all kinds of iOS files.

With TunesMate, you won鈥檛 need to bother yourself about iTunes Error 3259 because all your media transfer needs will be met.

Umate tunesmate

1,000,000+ Downloads

Key Features:

  • Transfer media files such as music and video from iTunes/PC to any iOS device.
  • Backup and restore your iPhone files anytime without experiencing any error.
  • Tracks and songs that you added from other sources outside iTunes can also be transferred
  • Transfer all your iOS files to iTunes library in order to rebuild it, and you can do this without opening iTunes
  • Supports the transfer or import of all kinds of iOS file.

Try It FreeTry It Free

Using TunesMate to transfer iPhone music to PC:

Step 1: Launch iMyFone TunesMate and connect your iPhone to your PC using a USB Cable.
Step 2: Click 鈥淢usic鈥 tab on the top bar to open the music window. Then, tick the songs you would like to transfer and click 鈥淓xport > Export to PC鈥.

export to pc

Step 3: Browse and select the folder where you would like to back up your files, then click 鈥淥K鈥 to complete.

select folder

Step 4: The program will display 鈥淓xport Successfully鈥 at the end of the transfer. You can click 鈥淥pen Folder鈥 to view the exported songs.

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