How to Restore iTunes Music on your iPhone iOS 13?

iTunes is known to have an array of errors that at times become very nagging and annoying to users. For instance, despite it being a powerful tool to manage music, it also experiences unexpected problems such as iTunes crash and random freezes hindering it from performing optimally. This issue is common when Apple rolls out new updates for iTunes which contains bugs. Now considering that iTunes is the software that you will keep using to sync and restore data to your iPhone iOS 13, if it crashes what will you do/ Read on as we intend to provide you with answers on how you can repair iTunes music eliminating the issue.

2 Methods to Restore iTunes Music on your iPhone iOS 13

How to Restore iTunes Music with iMyFone TunesMate

One way to recover and restore iTunes music is with the help of iMyFone TunesMate, a third-party software which acts as an iTunes alternative and which has gained trust from well-known reviewers and active users over the years.

Having TunesMate, allows you to restore music library with the backups on any device at any time without much of a hassle. In addition, it does all your music libraries management both on your iTunes and iPhone by allowing free file transfer without any limits or damage to iTunes. You can use this app to perform any task without even opening the iTunes application.

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Key Features:

  • Rebuild and Restore iTunes Library - It can rebuild and restore your entire music library if lost/damaged/corrupted by copying synced media files from your iDevice thus helping you get back all your media content.
  • Bypass iTunes Limits - It allows transfer and rebuilds of iTunes music library from an unlimited number of iDevices.
  • No Data Loss - It retains the original data before any given sync as it does not overwrite the old files but adds new files without altering the old content thus convenience users.
  • 2-Way Transfer - It can enable a free 2-way sync between your iPhone and iDevice overcoming apples one-way sync thus giving you an upper hand on your music management.

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How to Restore iTunes Music on your iDevice with iMyFone TunesMate

Below are detailed steps on how to restore music from iTunes to iDevice without even opening the iTunes application:

Step 1: Launch the iTunes application on your computer and then connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod via a USB cable.
restore iTunes music on iphone

Step 2: Choose the option to “Transfer iTunes Media to iDevice.”
restore iTunes music on iphone

Step 3: Selectively preview and choose the files you want to restore and then click “Transfer.”
restore iTunes music on iphone

Step 4: Once the choice is complete click “OK”.
restore iTunes music on iphone

Restore iTunes Music Library and Sync Your iDevice

The other effective way of restoring your iTunes music is deleting the current iTunes library and adding the content back from scratch, which will check issues with content files. However, this option is possible where the only the referenced iTunes music files have been corrupted but not the original files in the root folders on your computer. Crashing may cause a malfunction in audio files leaving one with only the option of restoring the content files again from their root folders. After that, sync your iDevice to rebuild the music library in it. To do this follow the guideline below.

Step 1: Launch iTunes and Sign out if you are already logged in.

Step 2: Open the iTunes folder on your Mac or PC.
- On a Mac: go to Home > Music > iTunes
- On a Windows PC: got to Users > Username >My Music > iTunes

Step 3: Once in the iTunes folder find the iTunes Library.itl and move it to the desktop.

restore iTunes music on iphone

Step 4: Then press Ctrl + B which will open the menu bar on iTunes. When you open the iTunes library, you will find that it is empty which will mean you are ready to go to the next step.

Step 5: From the iTunes menu, select “File” and then “Add Folder to Library”.
restore iTunes music on iphone

Step 6: Navigate to the folder containing the music you want to restore on your computer and then click open. If you have media content located on other folders repeat step 5.

Step 7: iTunes will then add items to your iTunes library by referencing all the files from the root folders on your computer and at the same time scan and repair any gapless payback. Once done you will have successfully restored your iTunes music, and iTunes will function normally and correctly with all the music intact.

Step 8: To finalize the process, delete the iTunes library.itl you had moved to the desktop completely.

Once you confirm everything is as it is supposed to be, connect your iPhone and sync it with iTunes to restore any music missing.

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