People Complain iTunes in Apple Support Communities:

I hate itunes

I hate itunes

I hate itunes

There are lots of reasons to hate iTunes. For example, some people find it hard to use and just overall not user friendly. Others hate it because it can randomly delete data during syncs. Others still complain that iTunes charges them more than the purchase price for items. Even worse, the customer service when these issues come up can be bad sometimes.

So what gives? Why is iTunes like this? More importantly, is there anything we can do about these issues?

Why I Hate iTunes? How to Make It Work Better

There are many reasons to dislike iTunes. Since we’re already on a hate-filled rant, let’s get into some more detail:

1. I Hate iTunes Because It’s Not Easy to Use

Believe it or not, for a company that purports to be super user-friendly, not all of Apple’s products are that simple to use. In fact, iTunes can be downright complicated for a lot of users.

One of the biggest problems is tends to be slow and it hangs a lot while loading, especially on machines that don’t use a native Mac OS environment. It can take forever to sync your data, and it may even completely refuse to transfer some kinds of files.

Apple purposefully restrictions certain functions due to copyright protection and other reasons, but in the end, this can be very annoying for everyday users.

2. I Hate iTunes Because It Deletes My Data Randomly

iTunes delete

Indeed, sometimes iTunes just deletes data for seemingly no reason. For example, you might lose your music when you’re syncing with an iPhone. iTunes might erase previous data when you sync your phone to a different library, or you might lose all of the data on your iPhone if you sync to iTunes for the first time.

Unfortunately, iTunes has a tendency to overwrite your library on your iPhone. It’s hard to add stuff to it without deleting stuff, too, which can be very annoying.

How to Fix This:

Luckily, there are some solutions to this. The first thing you can do is to be more mindful when you are syncing iTunes. Another thing you can do is use an alternative like iMyFone TunesMate iPhone Transfer.

TunesMate is third-party device management software that gives you tons of freedom over your devices—way more freedom than iTunes does. You can sync your files to your iPhone without any data loss. You can also transfer files from your iPhone to your computer. All of this transferring can be done without the usual iTunes restrictions.

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3. I Hate iTunes Because I Cannot Share Media Between iTunes and Device

iTunes only supports one-way transfer for the most part. You can only really transfer purchases that you made on your iPhone to your computer. Any random files that you downloaded from the Internet or something usually can’t be transferred. Worse still, usually your data gets overwritten if you sync your files from your iTunes library to your iPhone.

How to Fix This:

Again, you can give iMyFone TunesMate iPhone Transfer a try. It has two-way transfer without any limitations. You can transfer almost any kind of file, even music that you didn’t purchase from the official store.

iMyFone TunesMate iPhone Transfer Software Review >>

4. I Hate iTunes Because Purchased Files Can’t Be Shares with Friends

Apple also restrictions your purchases so that you can’t send them to friends, for the most part (unless they’re on your family plan). If they have a different Apple ID, then iTunes won’t allow you to share your music or other files with them.

How to Fix This:

Yes, you guessed it: iMyFone TunesMate will allow you to share music with friends who have different Apple IDs. It supports sharing with unlimited iOS devices.

5. I Hate iTunes Because It Has Lots of Bugs and Errors That Are Hard to Fix

itunes error

iTunes has bugs, and sometimes they can cause annoying issues. Have you ever gotten an error when trying to sync? How about an error because you didn’t update? How about an error when you’re trying to restore your device? iTunes just loves to have errors, and there’s little you can do about them except try to troubleshoot or wait for a patch (update) from Apple.

How to Fix This:

Again, you can just use iMyFone TunesMate to transfer your files. It’s a much more simple application, so it doesn’t have a lot of these problems.

Similarly, if you need to restore your device, you can save yourself a lot of headaches by using a program called iMyFone Umate Pro Win/Mac. This application can permanently delete data from your phone, making it unrecoverable. This makes it more secure than a factory restore with iTunes, and since you don’t need to use iTunes if you use Umate Pro, you don’t get the annoying errors.

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iMyFone Umate Pro
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6. I Hate iTunes Because of Unreasonable Charges

I hate itunes

iTunes loves to charge you money, and sometimes people even get charged for things that they didn’t buy on iTunes! In a few extreme cases, people can even get charged hundreds of dollars by mistake before the problem is corrected.

7. I Hate iTunes Because I Should Input Payment Info Even to Download Free Apps

You are prompted to input your payment info even if you just download free apps. But for security reasons, why would you store your financial information somewhere if you don’t plan on buying anything? That’s just extra risk for no reason at all. While there is a way around this, it’s not so obvious, and a lot of people end up putting in their credit card info, even though they don’t need to.

8. I Hate iTunes Because It Runs Slowly

Everyone knows that iTunes is slow. It’s bloated software and can be annoying to use, especially on older computers.

There are lots of reasons to hate iTunes, to be honest. For better or for worse, though, we’re stuck with it if we wish to remain loyal Apple users. Luckily, there are some alternatives to makes things easier. Give iMyFone TunesMate and iMyFone Umate Pro a try today.