What to Do When iPhone Not Showing up in iTunes

Most times, Apple users are faced with the problem of not being able to connect their iPhone with their iTunes. This problem usually arises when there is an update to Apple iTunes or iOS. This problem may still persist even after you have followed all the instruction to properly install any new updates from Apple. Below, we will go over some quick fixes to help you solve this very common problem of your iPhone not showing up in iTunes which is very common after a new software upgrade.

What to do When iPhone Not Showing up in iTunes

1 Inspect Your USB Cable to Solve iPhone Not Showing up in iTunes

This may sound very common but this can also be a cause of your iPhone not connecting to your iTunes. A damaged USB cord means that your iPhone will not be able to establish a connection with your computer and so may not be able to sync with iTunes. To check if this may be the problem, inspect your USB cable for any physical damage. Alternatively, you can try another USB cable to see if the USB cable is indeed the culprit.


2 Update Your Windows Driver to Fix iPhone Not Showing up in iTunes

If your windows drivers are outdated, they may not work with iTunes, especially if there has been a recent software upgrade.

Follow the steps below to fix iPhone not showing up in iTunes:

Step 1: Go to my computer and double click on it, inside your C drive, Search for USBAAPL.SYS and hit the enter key to search.
Step 2: Once the search results return with the folder, right click on it and select the “open file location” option.
Step 3: Copy all of the files in that folder into a newly created backup folder.
Step 4: Once you have successfully made a copy of the file, locate “Device manager” and then click on “Apple iPhone” under the “portable devices” menu.
Step 5: Go on to select the “Apple iPhone” and then finally click on “Update Driver”.
Update Windows Driver

3 Uninstall iTunes from Your Computer to Recover iPhone Not Showing up in iTunes

Close and exit the iTunes program and close any other programs that may be using its service.

Step 1: Now, proceed to uninstall iTunes from your computer by heading to the Control panel.
Step 2: Once you successfully uninstall iTunes, it will still leave some files behind on your computer.
Step 3: Now you have to locate and delete those files.

  1. Open my computer go to C: /ProgramFiles/Common Files/Apple if there is any folder in this path, then delete it too.
  2. Also, locate C:/User/Username (the username on your computer)/AppData/Local/Apple, Do the same for this file path to C:/User/Username/My Music and delete any iTunes related folder there.

Step 4: Once you have deleted any remaining folders, restart your computer and head on to the apple website to download and reinstall iTunes again.

uninstall itunes

How to Rebuild iTunes Library When iTunes Corrupts

Even we get the solutions to fix the problem that iPhone not showing up in iTunes, we also face losing our data in iTunes library when iTunes corrupt. iMyFone TunesMate is a powerful and one-stop solution that enables you to seamlessly and easily manage and navigate your iPhone/iPad/iPod data in a totally easy and simple manner. Thus, you can use it to transfer your data from idevice to iTunes library to rebuild it.

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The key features of TunesMate include:

  • Rebuild iTunes library: Restore lost/damaged/corrupted iTunes library by copying media files from your iPhone/iPad/iPod (UNLIMITED iDevices).
  • Two-way transfer: It can not only sync music and videos from PC/iTunes to iPhone but also transfer iPhone media to PC/iTunes.
  • Transfer non-purchased files: It can share the non-purchased music with different Apple's IDs and different iTunes.
  • No need iTunes password: It can transfer your music even without opening your iTunes with password.
  • No data loss: Add files to iPhone without replacing the previous files on iPhone.

Steps to Transfer media from idevice to iTunes:

Step 1: Start the TunesMate program on your computer and then connect your iPhone to your computer via your USB cable.

connect iphone

Step 2: To transfer Music, click on the “Transfer iDevice media to iTunes”, then click “Start”, the software will start to scan your data.

click start

Step 3: Select the files you want to transfer and then tap “Start”, the process to transfer your media from idevice to iTunes library will start.

select files

Step 4: A popup window will display “Copy completes” and you can exit the window by clicking “Complete”. Then you have rebuild your iTunes library with your idevice data.


Why TunesMate is Better than iTunes

  • TunesMate offers you less restriction when compared to the iTunes.
  • With TunesMate you can transfer all sorts of file formats without hindrance, and you have the option to preview files before you send them to your device.
  • Your Data is safe when you sync your files with TunesMate.
  • On iTunes, there is a restriction to the number of devices you can transfer to (only 5), but on TunsesMate, there is no limit to the number of devices. Hence it is both more convenient and more accessible than iTunes for data transfer.